Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Playing Under the Sea

Wyatt had his first go at laying on a playmat when Uncle Jay, Auntie Jen, and baby John were here a few days ago!

Baby John was always interested in the music and lights whereas Wyatt seems to stare at the big blue whale.

Wyatt usually does an hour to 2 hours of awake time in the morning, then sleeps the rest of the day morning.  In the afternoon, he has a few awake/alert times here and there.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One last outing as a family of 3!

Last Saturday, the 19th, Rob and I took Caydin to a local Touch-a-truck event! We didn't know at the time that Wyatt was planning his entrance into our family! I'm so glad he waited and we were able to go!  I thought for sure that Caydin would LOVE seeing all the trucks and getting to "drive" them and touch them and walk around them up close!  He was soooooo overwhelmed when we got there!  He had no clue what to think! 
After awhile, he started to explore and climb into the trucks.  We got there at a good time, it wasn't too crowded and we were able to climb in some trucks without waiting.  But by 10:30ish, the people started coming and the lines got longer!  Caydin wasn't really into that! PLUS they started honking all the horns - it was sooooo loud! Caydin only liked the horns if he was the one honking!
Caydin got to climb in and pretend to drive lots of vehicles - a firetruck, ambulance, dump truck, wrecker, chip truck, UPS truck and a mail truck, garbage trucks, and lots more!

After we finished, we headed over to McDonald's for lunch.  We had no clue at the time that brother would be joining us in less than a day! :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

1 week old!

Saturday, November 26, 2011



Boy, we are thankful!!!

I can't even begin to describe how excited we were that Wyatt was born before Thanksgiving, got be to home for Thanksgiving, and is healthy and growing!!!

He has been such a good little guy all week! Sleeping mostly, but he has a good hour or so in the morning that he is awake as well as one in the afternoon!

Caydin looks for him every morning and talks to him often.  Loys of "hi baby".  Today, he even held him for a few minutes - usually he says "I don't need too" if we ask him if he wants to hold him.

Thanksgiving was held over at Katies again this year!  Josh, Katie, and Julie did most (I think it was probably ALL) of the cooking.  We had a yummy turkey, delicious ham, and lots of sides!  Evreyone was here - which is amazing when you have 5 little groups of people (my parents and all my siblings!) to coordinate with!  It worked out PREFECT!   Caydin took a nap in Katie's bed, and both baby John and Wyatt were napping when it was time to eat!  I'm sure we will never have all three kids sleep at the same time again!  Every adult was able to eat without having to think about feeding times or a handsome-little-three-year-getting-into-trouble time!  See, I have proof!

 And look at how peaceful everyone is!!!....
 There wasn't much left after everyone ate!  Josh used an oil-less fryer and man, that turkey was GOOD!  We are all already planning the next time we can make a big turkey in it!
 We spent the rest of the afternoon taking pictures and playing with the boys!  There was lots of holding time, lots of pooping times, and lots of feedings!  Caydin did lots of running, talking, and of course playing too!  He thought the block hanging from a string in Katie's garage (the one that lets her know how close to the wall she is when she pulls into the garage) was just about the best thing in the world.  He was swing it then run from it laughing (last picture).  He just about got knocked in the head a handful of times but somehow never did!
 (Grandpa - AKA the poop whisper! - Everytime he holds a baby, they do a big ol' poop!)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wyatt's story!

We're home!!!
We were only in the hospital for one night so I don't have a ton of pictures! {insert happy face here!}

I do, however, have a few stories to share :)

When I went for my 38 week appointment last Monday, my Dr assured me that we would have a baby by the end of the week!  Each day came and went and we were pretty sure that we wouldn't have a baby by the end of the week.  I continued to work everyday and all my coworkers shared "tricks" to get labor started! LOL! By Saturday, Rob started telling everyone that we missed our cut off date for delivery and Wyatt would have to wait until after Black Friday to come out!  Meanwhile, Aunt TeeTee made us a "Hurry up and come out" ice cream cake and delivered it Saturday morning.  She made a cake for Caydin te day before I went into labor with him so we were all hoping that her trick would work again! My dad also drove down (he originally wasn't supposed to be here until the day before Thanksgiving). 

Saturday night, we went to Logans for dinner with my parents.  We joked about the spicy wings.  Well..... early Sunday morning, my water broke while I was sleeping! AHH!
SO GROSS!  I've never seen Rob jump out of bed and be ready to go so fast! 
We called my parents who came over.  My dad stayed with Caydin and my mom came to the hospital with Rob and me. 

I was amazed by HOW FAST labor started after my water broke.  We went from having no contractions to having strong ones every few minutes in no time!  (Thats the best part about water breaking at home - you can skip all the contraction pains at home - at least I did!)

I wasn't so much liking the nurse who checked us in..  She didn't move fast enough for me!  I felt like the Triage part took FOREVER, I was ready for a room so I could get my epidural! LOL.  After about an hour, we finally got moved to our room and I got my epidural right after.  They checked me a few minutes later and I was already at 5 cm.  The sun was coming up so we played around and talked for awhile.  Rob found this silly app on his phone.  My rule of no laughing (because it hurt!) went out the window.  How can you not laugh at this?!?

I was checked again around 9 am and was ready to go - but had to wait another 45 minutes for my 2nd round of meds to kick in... I tested positive for Strep with Wyatt.  Meanwhile, my sister finally got there - she brought McDonalds for my mom and Rob... I was soo jealous of the smell!  They told me that waiting wasn't actually a bad thing... because baby should come out faster when you sit at 10 cm for awhile. 
At 10, we were ready to push!  They had to tell me when to push because I couldn't feel anything.  After about 7 rounds of pushing, Wyatt was born!  He was born at 10:35 am.  I got to hold him for a long time right after he was born before they took him to weigh him and clean him off. 

I ran a small fever for a few minutes so we had to stay in the labor room for awhile.  We all got to hold and love on Wyatt.  He also got his first bottle.  He sucked that thing down, which didn't surprise us - afterall, he came out weighing 8 pounds, 6 ounces!  Our CHUNKY guy for sure!!!

We got to our room between 1 and 2 pm and were able to order some lunch while Wyatt got his first bath.  Everyone came up to visit after Caydin's nap at home.  He kept calling Wyatt "baby, baby" and was very excited to see him.  We had a great (and short!!!) hospital stay and came home Monday after lunch!

We love him soooo much already! 
More pictures coming soon!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Wyatt Jackson

Welcome Wyatt Jackson!!!
We are all so excited that you are here!!

November 20, 2011
8 pounds, 6 ounces
19 1/2 inches
10:35 am

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Well I did it!

I We (Wyatt and I) made it through my last day of work yesterday.  It's been a crazy busy week but it's done.  :) I was hoping that Wyatt would be here by now but he is taking his sweet time.

I don't go back until the beginning of January - it's almost like a summer vacation right in the middle of the school year! Score!

I say we planned for Wyatt quite well!

So now we wait....

And what better way to wait then to sit and watch ants walking along the cracks in the sidewalk?!?!

I'm super thankful for these last few days that I get to spend with this guy, before he loses his "only child" status!  

Friday, November 18, 2011

Wyatt update! (Today marks 38.5 weeks!)

It's been awhile since I've given an update on Wyatt!  He is doing great - growing lots (I imagine!) We've been going to the doctor every week for the past few weeks.  We were excited to hear that I was already 2 cm at my 37 week appointment.  Our whole pregnancy, we have been letting my doctor know that we want to be home with a baby before Thanksgiving!  He has been pretty agreeable - since Wyatt has been the easiest pregnancy ever! At our 37 week appointment (last Monday - November 7), we scheduled our 37 week ultrasound.  That happened on Thursday, November 10th.  The tech. measured Wyatt in at weighing 7 pounds 10 ounces - again, another BIG surprise!  I know ultrasounds can (and usually are) a little bit off when it comes to weight but Caydin was born weighing 7 pounds 3 ounces at 39.5 weeks.  So to hear that our baby was weighing in at 7 pounds, 10 ounces and he was only 37 weeks - AHHHH, scary!!!

We headed back to the doctor this past Monday - November 14th for another visit! I was determined not to leave without a induction date! So much for determination - I left without a induction date! LOL!  The doctor did an exam and let me know I was close to 3 cm.  Again - totally surprised! I haven't felt much of anything, besides alittle pressure every once in a while.  With Caydin, going from 1 to 3 cm was the hardest part!

Our doctor was very confident that we would have Mr. Wyatt by this weekend - so here we are - still waiting!

I'm usually pretty sore and tired towards the end of the night but lately, I've been feeling pretty good.  What's up with that?!?! Wyatt really just doesn't want to come out I think!

I joke that he might be afraid to come out since I have to raise my voice at school a lot more often lately - can you say WE ALL NEED A BREAK FROM EACHOTHER! Thank goodness for Thanksgiving and Winter vacation!

And of course - thank goodness for little stubborn boys who don't want to come out of their mommies belly!
Dear Mr. Wyatt,

Your room is ready! Your clothes are washed! Caydin is so excited to meet you! Can you please, please, please come out soon!
Trust me, it is soooooo much cooler out here than it is in there!!!!

Love, Mommy

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another visit to our new favorite place!

Pretty soon we are going to have more sand in our house than the amount of sand at the beach! :)  Our child who used to not like to touch anything dirty, sticky, or sandy has taken a HUGE interest in sand.  Mostly because that means he gets to play with his big dump trucks and bulldozers!  Last weekend, we took Caydin to the "sand" park near Grandma's house again.  It's close, easy, and free!  He enjoyed every minute of it.  Rob and I enjoyed getting to sit outside and relax.  Caydin is very independent at the sand park and doesn't need/want our help for anything (unless it's crossing the monkey bars) so we get to sit and talk for a few minutes or try to beat new levels on Angry Birds.  We ARE that COOL! 
 He did see the slide for the first time and climbed up to slide down... once! I think the sand was wayyyyy more interesting to him!
 He rarely smiles when I ask him too anymore but if you mention a stinky diaper, you will almost ALWAYS get a real laugh and smile.  He thinks talking about things that are stinky is the funniest thing ever!
But don't you dare tell him its time to go home because he will run, dump truck will too! Daddy was on a "catch-Caydin" mission in the picture above! I'm pretty sure Caydin was saying "5 more minutes" the entire time he was running away from Daddy!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

LOADS of fun and other funny things he does!

Jumping into dirty laundry is LOADS of fun!
Maybe we have a future long jumper on our hands. 
He was a bit sad this morning when I started doing the laundry though!  :)

This morning, Caydin was walking around the house chanting "Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork."  Alittle while later, he sees me folding socks and asks to help.  I politely tell him no thanks because I'm almost done but he reminds me that teamwork is good.  Sooooooo he picks up my folded socks and throws them on the carpet.  Why, you might ask?  It was raining (according to Caydin).  So much for teamwork! 

Lately, Caydin has been asking to sleep in the guest room at night.  He calls it a big boy bed (it has a full size mattress).  He does a pretty good job of staying in there and not coming out at bedtime (we've been having some trouble with that!)  I'm beginning to think that Rob was right a couple months ago when he suggested we make Caydins bed a big one and use his crib mattress in Wyatt's bed. We I decided to get another crib mattress for Wyatt and leave Caydin's bed as a toddler bed.  This morning when Caydin woke up, he stayed in bed and called for Grandma.  He must of had a dream with Grandma in it.  Then we played and read books for awhile in bed.  After we got up, he would randomly request that we both go take a nap in the guest bed by saying "I really tired - I really need to take a nap."  So sweet - even if we didn't nap. 

We've been talking about the hospital lately.  Caydin has never been to one (besides when he hurt his collarbone - we were only in the wait room and left to go to a night clinic because the wait was SO STINKING LONG).  He knows that people go to the hospital when they are sick and need help.  We've been telling him that soon Mommy and Daddy are going to go to the hospital to get baby Wyatt out of my belly.  Caydin, of course, wants to know if a firetruck or ambulance is going to be there!  I think he is excited to bring Wyatt home, even if he doesn't realize that Wyatt is going to stay forever!

Goodbye Halloween, Hello Thanksgiving!

Goodbye Halloween!

 Hello Thanksgiving!

Now its time for a new blog header! :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A bad case of the stripes!

2 years ago, I would never of let him walk around looking like this!
Boy, how times have changed!
He doesn't seem to mind though!
{In fact, I think his insisted on wearing this!}

Totally off topic but a cute conversation with Caydin:
Caydin: [After wiping off the couch where he spilled a few drops of milk, he started cleaning the tile floor with baby wipes] Mommy, don't come here.
Me: Why, buddy?
Caydin: It slippery.
Me: Ok, buddy.
Caydin: The floor slippery. You can't go here because you will fall.  Then an ambulance will come. You remember?
Me: Well I hope an ambulance doesn't need to come!
Caydin: I see something.
Me: Well what do you see?
Caydin: I see something wet. [as he runs across the wet tile.] Wooooo, it slippery!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Caydin takes over the sand playground!

{Quick stop to play Angry Birds}
{You'd never know that this park had a playset or swings.... since Caydin was ONLY interested in the sand and his dumptruck/bulldozer!}