Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Insta-Tuesday (Because Monday just didn't happen this week!)

Caydin started school last week! BIG BOY now!
At his meet the teacher night, he was given a train paper to do for homework.  We sat down on Sunday to get it done! I thought it came out really cute!  He called it his rainbow train!

(Little brother was so sweet and helped color...)
Part of my job this week and last was to help out in the computer lab.  It was fun to see my little guy in action!

Caydin found the candy stash in my office! 
He has been really interested in drawing lately.  This picture has a sun, a cherry tree, and a picture of Caydin inside a house.  His teacher at school must be encouraging the kids to write their name on each paper they do because Caydin did it without me even asking! :)
We can't leave little brother out of this blog post! He always lets us know when he is tired.  In fact, he usually says "Wyatt tired." or "I tired." On this day, he curled up with his penguin on the cedar chest in our toy room. Sweet baby!
A fun game of chase around the cones at Grandma's house one afternoon!

Monday, August 19, 2013

1st day of Kindergarten

Little man was up early this morning! He kept telling me he was scared to go to kindergarten. After breakfast and getting dressed, we headed outside to take those famous "first day of school" pictures.
I am so excited to have a car buddy come with me this year! Caydin was mainly excited about looking for construction trucks!

Once we got to school, Caydin said hello to all the teachers/staff he knew then headed to the lunchroom for more breakfast! He wanted chocolate milk but of course chocolate milk is only given out during lunch. Not to worry though, Caydin was treated like a king and the lunchroom manager snuck him a chocolate milk anyways. Caydin was so excited about that!  After his 2nd breakfast,  he headed off to class.... and left his lunchbox in the lunchroom!  Good thing mommy works at the same school.  I happened to see his lunchbox sitting on a cart and happily returned it to him (I'm pretty sure he did it on purpose to give me an excuse to check in on him!)

He had a great day though!  After school he told me he was sad because the class ran out of time and didn't get to "hand paint". I asked him if he meant  fingerpaint but he said no because he paints with his hands. .. not his fingers! He also told me his table got in trouble for sliding his lunchbox back and forth.  He defended himself by saying he was sharing his lunchbox and that nice kindergarteners know how to share.  HA!

Caydin didn't finish his Kissing Hand project at school so we finished it at home.  Wyatt wanted to join in the fun and after helping Caydin for a few minutes,  we got him out his own coloring book and they worked for a long time! 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

'Twas the night before Kindergarten...

Waaaaaaah. My baby starts kindergarten in the morning!!! How is that even possible?!? While I'm so excited about this new adventure, (especially since I get to see him throughout the day and he promises to hug me often!!!) I'm sad to see him grow up.  He's been a big boy for awhile now but I'm pretty sure it becomes official when he starts kindergarten.  Waaaaaaah! Today we sat down and did the project he got at "Meet the Teacher" . He stayed pretty focused and was sure that his teacher would love his rainbow train.  He can't wait to see it hanging in his classroom.  

Have a great first day at school Caydin!!!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Zoo with Myah, Marisa, and Lily!

I am so trying to check up on blog posts! I figured I would post the most recent and work my way backwards this time!
Friday (8/2) we headed over to the Brevard Zoo to spend some time with Marisa and Lily.  Myah joined us too! It was a great day for the zoo.  First, we headed over to the petting zoo area and spent a little time with the alpaca, goats, and a HUGE lizard! WOW! I've never seen a lizard so big! Wyatt was pretty into him!
Next we headed over to our favorite area... the GIRAFFES! We got there just as the giraffes were walking away but we stopped to apply sunscreen and guess what... they came back! So all the kids got to feed crackers to the giraffes!  Next we were on to feed the birds! I think this is Caydin's favorite area.  He loves to feed the birds! After some more animals and drinks, we ate lunch and did some playtime in the splash area. 
We were heading out to the car just as some rain drops started to fall.  It was a great day at the zoo!


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Last day of swim lessons, Grandma style...

The boys finished up swim lessons on Thursday. I had a meeting at school so I joined them after the meeting got over! Grandma played with Wyatt in his PCA class.  They got a couple extra minutes of free play.  Wyatt wasn't really feeling the water but Grandma was... She took him under the mushroom!
Caydin found a water shooter to play with and thought it was really funny to squirt Grandma! HA! Silly Caydin!
Both boys did great in swim lessons.  Wyatt figured out how to hold his breath when going under water and got really brave jumping in by himself.  He HATED using pool noodles and doesn't like floating on his back though.  Caydin really became in independent fish this summer! He swims on his front and back and isn't afraid of deep water.  He dives into the water head first and has figured out how to dive to the bottom of the pool (in the 3-4 foot sections) to pick up pool toys.  We were really proud of him this summer for overcoming his fear of putting his face in the water and swimming! I'm pretty sure he is ready to start training for the Olympics! :)
And that wraps up another summer of swim lessons!