Monday, August 18, 2014

1st Day of 1st Grade!

Summer ended. 
Alarms were set.
One little boy was woken up. 
That same little boy asked if he could stay home just one more day.
He also asked when next summer would start!
Breakfast was served.
Clothes were put on.
Teeth were brushed.
Then it was picture time!
Of course Wyatt needed to be in a picture!
I got a couple pictures of my big buddy who never looks at the camera!
And we were OFF TO SCHOOL!
We got to school with enough time to stop at McD's for a smoothie! Woot woot!
For the 2nd year in a row, my morning duty is the lunchroom. 
Last year, Caydin stayed pretty close to me in the morning until it was time to go to class.
Today, he told me he couldn't stay with me because he was in 1st grade now.  He was gone within minutes.  My baby.  Gone to class.  On his own.  With a smile.
Not my baby anymore.

And then I came home.  And saw my other baby.  Well, not really MY baby.  Wearing boys camouflage overalls!  And I almost died.  Not really though. 
She is supposed to be in pink and purple everything with little piggies in her hair and bows.  Lots of bows.  But no!  Camouflage!  BLAH!
Just kidding.  She is still cute.  I told her mommy she better be in pink tomorrow!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

And just like that.... oldest baby is a first grader!
Tonight was "Meet the Teacher" night at school. 
Rob brought Caydin over to school to meet his 1st grade teacher Mrs. Rodriguez.
He was nervous (so I hear, I was working so I didn't get to see his reactions!)
His teacher is new to our school this year so he wasn't familiar with her! He wandered the room looking at all the differences between his old classroom and his new.
He doesn't say much now but I'm sure he will be talking like crazy about his class next week.
He was happy to see his K teacher and some of the other staff members that he didnt see this summer!
Did I mention that his best buddy is in his class again. He is so excited!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


The year that I forgot to blog about his birthday...
Well I didn't forgot... I'm just late, very late!
Oh this boy!
1st grader.
Construction addiction.
Elephant lover.
Fish in the water.
Soccer star. (Ok, not really, but he loves to play and we love to watch!)
Avoider of schoolwork.
Dirt player.
2 lost teeth.
Lots of freckles.

(Birthday party post... coming soon!)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Last outing of the summer!

On Friday. 8/8/14, we headed to the country.  Ok, it wasn't really the country.  But we took lots of curvy roads to get there.  And saw lots of tractors and farms. 
We headed to a park that we went to a few years ago, back when Wyatt wasn't even walking yet! We saw an awesome awesome teacher friend of mine and her little guy, Jonah!  Such a great morning for the park and the splash area!
The park is located right on the water so we got to see a few seaplanes take off and land. 
It's also right next to a train stop.  No trains that day... but that just means we have to go back again!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Perfect Teeth!

Caydin went to the dentist on Thursday 8/7 to get his teeth checked and cleaned! He came out with perfect teeth.  The dentist even let us know that his top tooth is loose!
So not ready for a toothless smile! :)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Visit with our Bestests!

Just one more visit before we head back to school! And BOY, did we have fun! Well the drive wasn't that fun.  Wyatt plugged his ears and sang on the top of his lungs the ENTIRE. WAY. THERE.  Wait.  Not the entire way.  He stopped singing long enough to tell me he had to go potty while we were on the highway!
But we finally got to Catherine's and we had a great time!  The boys played in the sprinkler outside with shaving cream when I got to play with Annabelle!  Win! Win! 
After lunch, the rain clouds started rolling in so it was time to head home! Wyatt was asleep within 5 minutes of getting on the road and Caydin followed soon after.
Perfect drive home for Mommy!