Friday, October 17, 2014

School pictures and.... dirt.

 Today was school picture day! I told Caydin I wanted a nice picture and of course Wyatt wanted to join in!  I was excited to get a nice picture of the boys together! Caydin of course followed up his nice picture with his new trademark picture pose.... peace signs! 
What was the award for a nice picture???? DIRT!

 Caydin is crazy into dirt right now! And pushups...
And pretending to be a dog digging! Wyatt got alittle messy, but not much! I'm sure his days of dirty fingernails are coming! 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

School Life

Every once in awhile, I get pictures from Caydin's teacher.  I love seeing him in action!  He is really having a great year so far! His best buddy from Kindergarten is in his class again and he has the sweetest, most patient teacher. 
Caydin was always "good" in Kindergarten but he sometimes lacked the attention span to get work done (I blame this on his young age!)
So far this year, he has been doing great.  He enjoys writing at home (he HATED writing last year) and is doing well on all his reading and math assessments.
We still have some skills to work on.. remembering those sight words and getting faster at reading... but we will get there!
I am so so so proud of him!  Caydin, if you ever read this... I am SO SO SO proud of you!