Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wyatt's first swim in the pool!

Wyatt has put his feet in the pool water lots of time and got his swimsuit on a few times at the beach last weekend (but he never actually went in the water!)  So when Jay, Jen, and little Jay, Grandpa, and Uncle Josh were around... it was time for the real thing!  He was so excited to get suited and sunscreened up for the water. :)
When we walked outside to put him in the water, this is what we found. I literally LOL'ed!
My favorite part was the sand shovels that he used as oars!
Such a smart kid!

Wyatt loved his first time in the water and stayed outside with us for about an hour.  He didn't mind the water turtle float.  Caydin always hated that thing (obviously Caydin likes it too now!)
We are looking forward to spending the whole summer in the water!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Afternoon by the Pool

The Ron Jon resort has an awesome pool, kiddie area, and lazy river.  If you look closely in the picture below, Rob - Shiv - and Steve are in the blue tubes near the bottom center of the photo going around the lazy river.  While the daddies enjoyed kids all napped (except Carter!) Wyatt had a rough night so he passed out in the boppy on the couch. Sweet baby!

Wyatt woke up happy and went out on the balcony to watch all the people down at the pool.
The big kids were always watching out the window for the cruise liners and other big boats to pass by!

Here is Daddy at the top of the slide!
Shiv got the mama's drinks from the bar.  It's my first drink with alcohol since before I was pregnant with Wyatt. Boy was it GOOOOOD! I got more drinks later in the day!

To be continued with more pictures... HA!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Beach Morning!

Last Thursday, we headed over to the Ron Jon Resort with some of our favorite families! We drove up Thursday evening, played in the indoor playground and ate dinner.  After a loooooong night (Wyatt didn't think the pack-and-play was a good idea!) we all woke up, ate breakfast and got ready for the beach.  The big kids were excited about the water!  Wyatt was excited about the sand! He scooted right over and dug his hands into it! I saved him before he got his hand into his mouth! I can't imagine sand is a very good "first solid food!"

 We, of course, had to get Wyatt's first pictures at the beach.  He was very interested in the sand but gave us lots of smiles!

Caydin is in an anti-photo mode again so it was really tough to get a good picture of him.  He was so busy running in and out of the water, collecting shells and buckets of water.
Wyatt's first nap at the beach! It didn't last a really long time but oh well!
 It was windy enough to get a few kites up in air - the kids thought that was really cool!
To be continued.... :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just another day...

While our big boy and Daddy were outside watching the car...
 Wyatt and I were sharing smiles inside!

 Later in the day, I was able to get a super sweet picture of Caydin and Wyatt together. Caydin was wearing his "big brother" tee and Wyatt was wearing his "little brother" onesie. Love!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mother's Day and Tee-tee's Visit

Last weekend was extra special! It was Mother's Day and Tee-tee was here visiting!!!
We miss Tee-tee a lot now that she lives in NC full time! 
Caydin was excited that I took the morning off of work for his Mother's Day Morning at school.  The kids gave their mama's cute little gifts, pictures, and even sang us a song!
 Caydin and his teacher, Ms. Denise. 
 I thought I was crafty... but Ms. Denise takes the cake on this one! She used laundry detergent scoops and noodles to make the wheelbarrow flower holder!
Katie, mom and I went to the Lion King on Broadway! LOVED IT! 
 We did lots of Wii action the week Katie was here.  She brought a dance game and we all tried it out.  I have NO rhythm. AT ALL.  Thankfully, Rob and Katie do!  On a crazy note, I think I actually beat Katie twice on dance songs!
 Thanks for the visit Tee-tee! We love you!

Monday, May 14, 2012

An (almost!) sitting baby and some brotherly love!

Wyatt is working really hard on sitting up! He still needs alittle support from his hands and will fall over when he gets excited about something but he is doing a really good job with it! He is also scooting around on his belly and is getting his knees up and under his belly! Scary, he will be crawling really soon! He loves anything of Caydins and of course anything that he isn't supposed to have (shoes, computer cords, remotes!) so life is going to be really interesting when he figures out he can move all over the place!

 And because I can't resist a bunch of brotherly love.... Here is a few photos that I took last week!
I know I say this all the time, but Caydin thinks Wyatt is the beset "toy" he has! :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A t-ball game...

Last Saturday, we got together with friends to relax and hang out while the daddies in our group when to the movies!
I haven't taken pictures of the group in awhile so here ya'll go!!

 Wyatt was in the stands... cheering on his favorite team!
 Batter #1 -- Look at that face... She must of hit of homerun. :)
 Batter #2 -- By the look on his face, he must of hit a single and made it to 1st base!
 Batter #3 -- Definitely a homerun! :)
These 3 sure are dedicated!! Hahah!
Game ended and our players took a break in the shade...
Only to soon start their next misson...
 Digging for Dino (T-rex, in fact) eggs!
The big kids found about 20 of them! :)
 The babies were enjoying all the attention from the mommy's!
Not to be outdone by the babies taking pictures, the big kids decided to sit down and take a picture as well!!