Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sea World with our favorite D's!

A few weeks ago, Grandma, the boys, and I met up with Uncle Josh, Devin and Dakota at Sea World!  We have been wanting to go see the new penguin ride.  We got there right as a the park opened and headed right over to the penguins!  It was only about 40 minute wait... so we waited!!! We all thought the ride was cheesy.. (Boooo!) And the area where you could see the penguins was SOOOO COLD! Never have I complained about being hot (while waiting in line) to complaining about it being freezing! Crazy!
After the penguins, we headed over to the underwater dolphin tank.  It's one of our favorite areas!
Then it was on to the dolphin show for us! Dolphin show = snack time! All the boys loved the dolphin show! Wyatt will just sit and watch all the action! 

Finally! It was lunch time! On the menu this trip was the LONGEST hot dogs in the world! Josh and the big boys each ate a whole hot dog! Caydin finished half a dog! Wyatt fell asleep in the stroller so we went up high in the observation tower while Grandma stayed with Wy.  Grandma in the best! :)
Thanks Uncle Josh, Devin and Dakota for a fun day at Sea World!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fun at home!

We've had a busy summer! But every once in awhile we stay at home and play! I've been working hard on cleaning up the weeds in the backyard. 
So we've been hanging out in the backyard some! I love my sweet boys!
Caydin was so excited to see the dragonfly land on his truck.  You can only imagine how excited he was when the dragonfly landed on his shirt!!!
This was also the first day that Wyatt figured out he could hang on the climber on the porch! (Now he does it all the time!)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Pool time!

We spend a couple hours in the pool, just about every single day.  Both boys are crazy water kids.  Caydin swims very well now, both on his front and on his back.  He is very confident in the water and we feel great knowing that he has the skills he needs to be independent in the pool.  Wyatt is a daredevil.  He will watch Caydin do something and then copy whatever he does. 
Both boys are in swim lessons this summer.  We can see their swim skills improving by the day. 
Last weekend, we spent lots of time in the pool with Uncle Jay and cousin Jay.  So much fun!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

4th of July Fun!

Last Thursday, we headed over to the Phatak's house for fun, food, and fireworks! Last year, Wyatt was pretty small still so this was the first time he was really involved in the holiday!  We started the afternoon with water fun out in the backyard! We were so glad that Uncle Jay and little Jay were able to join us!

After lots of play time, we headed inside for hotdogs and pulled pork! Finally, it was time for fireworks! Caydin is not a fan of fireworks.  He never has been.  Every year, he gets all excited about them and says that he is not afraid anymore but every year, he wants to go inside right before the fireworks start! HA! We started with little sparklers.  He only touched one. Thank goodness, I had the camera ready! Wyatt was fascinated by them! He even held a couple (with the help of Grandpa!) Caydin did alright with the small fireworks that we did!  He was the firemen and always made sure the hose was nearby!  He was also the giver of hugs.... apparently! :) 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Driving Home!

It was a LOOOOOONG drive home! We started the drive Saturday (6/22) around 9 am.  We sat in traffic for the first 2 hours, then we drove and drove and drove.  After a couple stops for food/gas/leg stretching/baby calming down, we decided to stay the night in a hotel.  Wyatt got his own little crib.  I was kind of worried about how easy it would be to get him to go to sleep since we would all be in same room.  But we literally said, "Lay down, Wyatt!" and he did! He didn't move the rest of the night!

We had about a 5 hour drive to finish on Sunday.  Wyatt slept a lot and was pretty happy after he woke up!  Caydin is our excellent traveler.  I think he liked getting to watch movies all day.  He also got little goodie bags every hour that we were driving and LOVED waiting for those! They usually had little cars/puzzles/games in them.  

We were all so sad that our summer vacation was over but OOOOH so happy to see that "Welcome to Florida" sign! :)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fun in Virginia Part 2

Here are some of the other fun things we did on our trip.  We went to our favorite Virginia park and rode the train.  Since this was Wyatt's first trip to Virginia, it also meant that it was his first trip on the train.  :)  I think he liked it! Caydin was pretty excited about the trip too! :)

In the evenings, we would take the boys to the park.  The bigger park was about 5-10 minutes (walking) away and you had to go around a couple soccer fields to get there.  The boys found 2 dandelions to blow on... BUT NO MORE.  Trust me, they looked the rest of the walk for them! I guess all the other kids like to blow the seeds too! :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fun in Virginia Part 1

We had so much fun in Virginia! During the week we were there, we did lots of play time outside! Lately, Caydin has been giving himself an afternoon nap so we always try to give the boys lots of exercise in the evening.  They really liked playing soccer outside.  Caydin has a pretty good kick! I definitely see a soccer team in his future! Wyatt figured out that he could put the ball on top of an air conditioner while it was on and the ball would spin by itself around and around.  Maybe he will be out scientist!

Someone mentioned to me that Wendy's has a new(-ish) frosty that comes in a waffle cone! I'm pretty sure I asked EVERYDAY to go get one! Katie lived too far from a Wendys (or at least, we never saw one!) SO we finally made it to one in Virginia. SOOO GOOD. I think I want one right now.  Caydin doesn't like to try new things so he wanted his Frosty in a cup.  Wyatt was ALL about the cone (but he didn't want to eat any of the cone!) I'm pretty sure he just liked to because it was easier to hold!

Grandma and Grandpa's Virginia house has 2 sets of stairs.  Wyatt did SO GOOD with them! We only put the baby gate on the stairs going downstairs.  Most of the time, we were on the 2nd floor.  Wyatt didn't really try to go to the 3rd floor very much.  He got pretty good at going up about 3 steps to the little landing and coming back down on his own.  He also liked to sit on the bottom steps.

One afternoon, we went over (up?) to Maryland to look at a place that Aunt Tee-tee might get married at.  Caydin loved all the flowers in the garden.
Caydin got creative one afternoon and made a box  slide.  I'm pretty sure it wasn't as much fun as he thought it would be!

School work at Grandpa's computer... with Grandpa's glasses!
We went to the Navy yard one afternoon and the boys had fun learning/climbing on some of the old canons and ship parts!