Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Early Easter!

Caydin found some empty Easter eggs in the garage this past weekend and decided it was time for an egg hunt.  Wyatt was so excited to join him after his nap.  They spent a good hour hiding the eggs and then finding them on Sunday.  I'm pretty sure they will be experts in egg hunting by Easter!
What better way to cool off from a hot afternoon of egg hunting than to take selfies in the shade?!  I love this kid! (Caydin refused to take a selfie with us.  He's too cool for them apparently!  :)  )

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

1st Grade Update!

We are so so lucky to have a wonderful teacher for Caydin.  In my opinion, he wasn't very strong with his academic skills (reading and writing especially) going into 1st grade.  I even made the poor kid go to summer school.  Yeah yeah... It helped that I was working at summer school last year.
But still.
I should also mention that he passed Kindergarten with flying colors.  The teacher in me (not the mom) thought he was behind.
This year, he is doing so well in 1st grade.  He is reading.  He is writing independently.  He gets certificates for math each quarter.  He works hard in class and I never hear anything negative. In fact, I have to ask for things to work on with him. 
He might not like to do his work.  But he does it. He adores his teacher.  I adore her too.  He made it 100 school days before missing a day because of sickness.  He was SO disappointed that he had to miss a day.  He loves going to school each day and always comes home saying his day was GREAT! 
Recently he earned his 20 point tag for AR.  That means he has read (and tested on) over 40 books this school year.  Go Caydin!
Today, he competed in the school competition called "Better than a Bird".  His grandpa helped him make a beak that he used to collect yarn (worms) out of a bucket of fish gravel.  He beat all the other 1st graders to competed and got a medal! 
I am so proud of you Caydin!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

no blog again...

I should post more often for my wonderful Dad... and I should also log out when I use his computer...

Monday, February 2, 2015

Disney Trip #2 - Animal Kingdom

On Saturday, we headed to Animal Kingdom for a fun morning. 
Wyatt loves to the study the park maps so he got right to work planning what he wanted to see and do.  Obviously, he found the train and that was a must!
This trip we had our magicbands and fast passes set up ahead of time.  Made LIFE SO MUCH EASIER!  We got in and headed right to our first fastpass destination - the Safari ride! Boys LOVED it.  We saw so many animals!  It really was a neat time.  (Though I will be honest, Wyatt wanted to see dogs at Animal Kingdom.  Sadly, we didn't find any! HAHA!)
After our Safari ride, we took the train over to the Planet Watch.  We pet some goats and looked at the clinic before heading back to the main part of the park.  (Wyatt hated the bathroom at the Planet Watch - he didn't like that it sounded like wild animals were in the stall next door!)
After getting off the train, we headed across the park to the Nemo musical.  SO GOOD! We loved it! With our fastpasses, we got right in and sat down in the front.  Afterwards, we walked around Dinoland.  The boys found the boneyard and spent some time digging in the rocks. Pretty sure that was their favorite spot.  We could spend all day there.  We used our last fastpass on a meet and greet with Mickey and Minnie.  Another walk-right-in.  Wyatt freaked out at the last second and hid behind me but Mickey and Minnie were great.  At the very end, he gave them both "high fives". 
We finished up the morning with lunch (that we brought) and popcorn.  I didn't even know that Wyatt liked popcorn but he saw it, requested it, and ate A LOT of it. 
We can't wait for our next adventure out to Disney!
And just for fun - we paid about $475 for our annual pass tickets (per person).  This is
 our 2nd visit --- so our day of fun cost us about $237.  Let's see how many trips we go on... and how cheap we can get the tickets to cost!

Sunday, February 1, 2015


We have an official Tiger Scout in our family.  Caydin is enjoying meeting new friends and going on special trips with his pack.  Recently we went to a local Fire Station.  We have plans coming up to go to some sporting events.  Last Monday at the meeting, he earned some belt loops and was so excited!
(And just for fun...  Caydin's scout shirt actually belonged to his Uncle Josh.  Grandpa bought Caydin a shirt that ended up being too big but we didn't realize it until after everything was sewed onto it.  So Grandpa took everything off and switched it to Uncle Josh's old shirt.)