Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Caydin's first day at School Skills

I had to work yesterday (booo - its only the 6th day of school for me so it's hard to take off right now!) so Grandma took Caydin to class for the first time.  I handed over my camera and gave Grandma very specific directions.... you know...  the kind that go "TAKE A PICTURE OF EVERYTHING!"  So she did!
Here is Caydin with his lunch that Grandma packed - a PB & J sandwich, grapes, goldfish, some gummy snacks, and a juice box.  I even gave my mom editable markers to decorate his sandwich with! LOL - she didn't get to use it but its a must for Thursday! :)
 Caydin in front of his class.
 The kids take off their shoes and socks and line up at the stairs with their lunch.  Their little classroom is upstairs.  Here is Caydin and one of his best buddies, Ava.  So glad they are in the class together!
Grandma was good and took pictures of Caydin heading up the stairs to class and coming back down the stairs a few hours later when class was over!
 I think he probably has the cutest lunchbox in the class! Thank you Babyhalfoff!
 Loved this idea when I saw it on Catherine's blog! Caydin with his sign.  :)
I really enjoyed hearing how Caydin's day went!
Grandma said he did really good at drop-off!  He walked right up the stairs when he was told too! His teacher told Grandma that he got alittle upset when he came downstairs to use the bathroom.  He thought that Grandma would be down there waiting for him but she was gone so he was alittle sad but recovered great when the teacher encouraged him to play again! :) At lunch, he told his teacher that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are yucky so he didn't eat much of it.  He did eat all his grapes and goldfish though!  He eats PB and J at home all the time so we laughed when the teacher told Grandma that it was yucky!  He worked on a puppy puzzle at class and brought it home.  I'll take a picture of it and post it tomorrow!  It's pretty cute! I took one at it and thought that his teacher must of done most of it but according to them, he did most of the work! Used a gluestick and everything! :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy 1st Day of School Skills!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Silly Sunday

As if he doesn't have the whole front room to play in....
 ....he has to take over the couch as well!
 Caydin will probably not like me in 15 years for taking this photo!
 I love seeing Caydin and KoBe together.  If Caydin is in the front room, KoBe will usually hop over and sit next to him.  Caydin likes to share a car or toy with KoBe whenever she is around.  So cute to watch.... But then again, Caydin also likes to "jump" over KoBe, which can't be all that safe so they definitely have their moments!
Tomorrow is a big day for Caydin! He starts his school skills class.  I have to work so I sent home my camera with Grandma tonight to catch all of his drop-off at class on film!  Caydin is very excited :) We showed him his lunch box and food containers again and told him that he will get to eat lunch at class tomorrow.  I'm pretty sure Grandma will have a harder time at sending him off to class than Caydin will.  Caydin's buddy, Ava is also in his class so he'll have a friend.  :) Tomorrow afternoon, Caydin heads to the doctor for his 3 year appointment..... (yeah, only 5 weeks late!) 

Going to be a busy day!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Conversation with Caydin

On the way home from playgroup tonight, Grandma and I had a little conversation with Caydin.  It went like this:

Caydin: "SURPRISE! Happy Birthday!"
Mommy:  "Who's birthday is it?!"
Caydin: "Mommy's birthday!"
Mommy: "Oh thank you! How old is mommy?"
Caydin: (No answer)
Mommy: "Do you know how old Mommy is?"
Caydin: (No answer)
Grandma: "Is mommy old or is mommy young?"
Caydin: "Grandma old!"

I'm pretty sure Grandma won't mention young and old anymore! :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 1 in Wyatt's Room

This past weekend, my mom and I worked on cleaning out the new baby room.  We ordered and picked up Wyatt's new furniture a few days before so we were anxious to see how it looked in the room with the wall color and bedding! :)
We love, love, love his furniture! (Well we love the dresser - the crib is still in the box!)
Caydin had a monkey (safari) theme for his first bedding set.  Wyatt's is an elephant theme!  All the bedding came from my mom's house! She had a complete set for Caydin's baby room at her house but he never stayed there as a baby! :)  So its almost brand new! (and free for me!)

The cradle in the back is the same one that we used for Caydin.  My dad made it.  It will go to my brother's house for a few weeks and get used by my first niece or nephew before Wyatt gets to try it out!  Caydin had some acid reflex as a baby and liked to sleep upright or angled so we didn't get to use it much for him!  My favorite part is the pennies that go along the cradle edge.  A penny for every baby that gets to use the cradle.  :)
 And our crib!!! Maybe one of these days, it will come out of the box!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

School Skills Preview

A few weeks ago, Caydin previewed a skills class.  It's a 2 hour class that meets twice a week. We got to stay with him since it was just the preview class.  I think he enjoyed it.  The class is set up like a normal preschool/school class.  They have a neat schedule that includes center time, calendar, reading time, lunch, science, and some other things that I forgot.  On the day we were there, the kids learned about apples then got to paint with apples using red, yellow, and green.  Cute!   
Now if you ask him, he'll tell you that "A is for apple." 
He starts next week.  I can't wait to see what stuff he brings home.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How we spent our last SUMMER days!

Summer has come to an end! I started back at work this week and next week, the kids come back!  I already have a full class so it should be a busy, fun, FAST year!  Especially since baby boy is coming in just 3 short months! Ahh! 

Here's how we spent the end of our summer vacation!

 Napping! At 3 year, 1 month - Mr. Caydin still needs his daily afternoon nap! He always takes a nap in his bed, but on this day, I tried to wake him up (we have to limit how long his naps are so he's not up ALL night!) and he continued right on sleeping when I moved him to the couch. 
 Playing with new birthday toys.  He especially loves his geotrax RC cars (annoyingly loud!) and his firestation!

 Reading, reading, reading!
 Drinking out of big boy cups!
 and eating all our meals at the table and not on the floor or highchair anymore!
But most of all, we spent this whole summer TALKING.  His vocabulary and talking skills grew so much.  He TALKS nonstop, all day.  In fact, he stayed awake in bed for an HOUR talking to himself tonight at bedtime.  The word "WHY?" has finally entered his vocabulary so EVERY sentence or command is followed by "Why??" 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Gettin' his bounce on!

Caydin and his buddies had a blast at Monkey Joe's recently.  It's a huge room filled with bounce houses and blow up slides.  Caydin L.O.V.E.D it. 
 He had no fear and ran around like a crazy man the whole time we were there!
 I'm pretty sure Uncle Josh was alittle sad that he didn't need to "assist" Caydin on any of the slides or bounce houses... Uncle Josh really wanted to go down the big slide!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We have the best conversations!!!!

7:00 am
Caydin - "Mommy, wake up. The sun came out."
Me - "Oh not yet baby, the sun is trying to come up but hes still behind some trees."
(white lies aren't bad all the time, are they??? Then we both went back to sleep!)

8:30 am
Caydin - "Mommy is the sun out?"
Me - "Yes, buddy you can wake up now."
Caydin - "I want to pet the baby." (as he is petting my chest...)
Me - "The baby is actually down here in my belly."
Cadyin - (pets my belly then puts his head on my belly) "What is baby doing?"
Me - "Well, he was sleeping because we were sleeping."
Caydin - "He is pooooping."
Me - (trying to change the subject) "Caydin do you want some breakfast?"
Caydin - "I want to see baby."
Me - "We have to wait a while longer then we will get to see him on the TV like we did last time.  We have to let him grow some more."
Caydin - "Who is the baby's mommy?"
Me - "I will be the baby's mommy."
Caydin - "Why? You are Caydin's mommy."

Oops, I guess Rob and I forgot to tell Caydin that we will be mommy and daddy to the new baby. LOL!

Caydin and I have the BEST conversations right when he wakes up.  He's usually super happy (and will let you know - "Mommy I am happy!") and will lay in bed and talk to me.

I'll miss that when I go back to school next week! :(

What's a blog without a picture?!?!
Funny story: We ran out of baby body wash the other day so I found a bar of baby soap.  Caydin made sure to clean every inch of the tub with it....  On the 2nd night of using the bar soap, Caydin left it in the water so long that it started to fall apart (its the size of your standard hotel bar soap!).  I went to grab his towel and when I came back, he was sitting there with a funny look on his face.  I asked him what he was doing and he said "Mommy, I eating soap! I like soap!" as he pointed in the water at the little flakes that broke off from the bar of soap.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Evening at the Zoo - July 30th

A few weeks ago (I know, I've been bad about blogging lately!) we headed over to the Brevard zoo to see some animals in the evening.  We met up with some friends and had a good time walking around, despite not seeing very many animals! Caydin thinks the world of Carter and asks about him all the time so he thought hanging out with him at the zoo was just about the greatest thing ever!

 Both boys wanted to go on the train and I'm thankful we did - its about the only bunch of animals we were able to see!!!
 Erin and I are both having our second babies (me in November, Erin in February) so we have lots to talk about! Rob and Steve were stuck in a little train seat together too but I won't post that picture on here! :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Cloth Diapering 101

If you need assistance with cloth diapers, Caydin is the man to call!

 Just make sure you hide your kiddos after the diapering lesson is done!!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Random Thoughts!

Last Tuesday, I went to the doctor to check on baby boy. Everything went great! I had to wait awhile, I usually do if I schedule an appointment near the end of the workday but my doctor commented that I was the easiest patient he's seen all day and that I make being pregnant look easy! Score! Honestly, I don't even have time to think about being pregnant! Between Caydin, home, school, family/friends... my days are pretty packed (but I like it that way!).  I'm alittle over 24 weeks now! How crazy is that! Hopefully, I added up the weeks the right way! :) 
At 24 weeks, I've gained a total of 9 pounds since my first doctor's appointment. 
At 24 weeks, I'm addicted to smoothies, especially the ones from McDonalds.  I love Rob's smoothies too bit he doesn't make them often enough for me - I try to get one everytime we are out to eat! It's crazy! I also love when everyone else knows about my smoothie addiction - you can't even imagine how exciting it is when someone puts one in the freezer or brings one home for me! (THANKS DAD!) I never remember having these addictions with Caydin. 
At 24 weeks, I am wearing mostly maternity shorts/capri's/pants.  I'm wearing mostly normal tops but have added a few that are one size bigger than what I usually wear and a few maternity tops.  I'm much bigger with this baby then I was at this point with Caydin!
At 24 weeks, I'm not getting sick anymore - that stopped forever ago and I am not as tired as I was at the beginning (I'm sure that will change next week when I go back to work!)
I tell Rob this all the time, but this baby moves ALOT!!!! When Caydin was in my ol' belly, I felt him mostly at night.  This little guy is active all day long and he has very strong kicks! Rob has been able to feel him kicking a couple times now! He doesn't like me to sleep on my right side either! He's picky like that, I guess!

In other news, we finally got our computer back (Thanks Dad!) so I have a ton of blogs to catch up on! I lost a few pictures from the beginning of July when our computer crashed so I've been busy taking pictures at the end of the month! 

Caydin went to bed tonight with his underwear on instead of his diaper/pull-up.  He's been waking up dry for weeks now (or will wake up to tell me that he has to go potty).  I claimed I was just putting him in diapers/pull ups to use up the open bag we have...  But I know he's ready.  I can not believe that it only took the summer for FULLY potty-train him. 

This coming Friday, Caydin is going to preview a Preschool class.  I'm excited for him! I wasn't going to put him in any sort of preschool class because it would have been too hard to get him there everyweek.  Since my mom doesn't have Lily, the little girl that she watched in the spring, anymore, she will be able to get out and about and be more flexible with schedules.  I'm hoping that Caydin is ready for the class!  It's just a 2 hour drop-off program that he can do once or twice a week.