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Wyatt turns 1! November 20, 2012

Wyatt's First Week

November 20, 2011

Sweet baby Wyatt Jackson was born at 10:35 am weighing in at 8 pounds 6 ounces!


August 8, 2011

Last Tuesday, I went to the doctor to check on baby boy. Everything went great! I had to wait awhile, I usually do if I schedule an appointment near the end of the workday but my doctor commented that I was the easiest patient he's seen all day and that I make being pregnant look easy! Score! Honestly, I don't even have time to think about being pregnant! Between Caydin, home, school, family/friends... my days are pretty packed (but I like it that way!). I'm alittle over 24 weeks now! How crazy is that! Hopefully, I added up the weeks the right way! :)
At 24 weeks, I've gained a total of 9 pounds since my first doctor's appointment.
At 24 weeks, I'm addicted to smoothies, especially the ones from McDonalds. I love Rob's smoothies too bit he doesn't make them often enough for me - I try to get one everytime we are out to eat! It's crazy! I also love when everyone else knows about my smoothie addiction - you can't even imagine how exciting it is when someone puts one in the freezer or brings one home for me! (THANKS DAD!) I never remember having these addictions with Caydin.
At 24 weeks, I am wearing mostly maternity shorts/capri's/pants. I'm wearing mostly normal tops but have added a few that are one size bigger than what I usually wear and a few maternity tops. I'm much bigger with this baby then I was at this point with Caydin!
At 24 weeks, I'm not getting sick anymore - that stopped forever ago and I am not as tired as I was at the beginning (I'm sure that will change next week when I go back to work!)
I tell Rob this all the time, but this baby moves ALOT!!!! When Caydin was in my ol' belly, I felt him mostly at night. This little guy is active all day long and he has very strong kicks! Rob has been able to feel him kicking a couple times now! He doesn't like me to sleep on my right side either! He's picky like that, I guess!

July 1st, 2011

Today, after nap, Caydin was making thunder sounds and jumping on my lap to "hide". I had to remind him to be careful because he always wants to lift up by pushing on my belly. I asked him if he remembered what is in my belly and he very quickly said "a baby!" and pulled up my shirt. I asked him what he thought baby was doing in mommy's belly and he responded that baby was "playing with baby toys." Then he did something that surprised me! He took the USB cord for my camera (that was sitting on the couch next to us) and tried to stick it in my belly button. LOL! I asked him what he was doing. He told me he wanted to "see baby". So cute!

June 28th, 2011
Today was a big day! We had our first ultrasound to see baby #2. We've already been able to hear the baby's heartbeat at the doctor's office twice but were excited to actually get to see him! We measured in at 18 weeks and 2 days on the day of the ultrasound. With Caydin, we got to see him for the first time at 14 weeks so it was a longer wait with baby #2.... not that we noticed - Caydin keeps us busy everyday!

Baby measured great and the tech was able to get good pictures at the beginning. Baby must of gotten bored because he started to hide about half way through. Not cool, kid, not cool. The tech really wanted her pictures so she used the ultrasound wand to wiggle my belly all over the place, which was fine the first 3 times she did it..... Not so fine the last 20 times she did it.

Did I mention that baby is a BOY???

Definitely a boy! Of course, we were hoping for a girl in the family but we are so so excited about another boy. Another mama's boy, I hope!!!! I can just imagine all the matching outfits! HA! Christmas is going to be fun this year! :)

Baby boy weighed 9 oz and is roughly the size of a mango.

June 18, 2011
Baby #2 is doing well.  We went to the doctor on June 6th to hear his/her heartbeat and turn in all our paperwork.  Baby had a good heartbeat.  I didn't ask if it was fast/slow {you know... since some say the faster the heartbeat - the more likely baby will be a girl.}  We got paperwork to go do some labs and set up our first ultrasound for June 28th.  At the ultrasound, I should be about 18 weeks so we are hoping to find out if Caydin will have a little brother or a little sister.  Rob still insists that baby will be a boy while I'm saying its a girl. 

I feel good.  Sickness has pretty much stopped (except when I eat McDonald's too fast!)  I sleep good and feel less tired during the day, probably because I'm not working for the summer ;)  My weirdest symptom has been a few bloody noses over the last couple of weeks.  I had this with Caydin too but I don't remember the cause. 

Food wise, I'm really into grilled cheese sandwiches right now as well as pizza things, especially breadsticks.  I can eat doritos and Milk duds all day long.  I've been trying really hard to drink more water, especially with all this heat but its a work in progress!

Ultrasound date is set for the 28th!  I should have an update ready around then!

June 5, 2011
Yup, it's true! Caydin is going to be a big brother sometime in late November or early December! He can hardly contain his excitement! :) Kidding of course, he doesn't understand that there is even a baby in mommy's belly. We've talked to him about it and it is soooo funny to see him try to process the information. Usually he says that he has a baby in his belly too. Today, our conversation went like this:

Caydin: "Daddy, where did water go?" (Rob and Caydin had been sharing a glass of water.)

Rob: "The water is in my belly."

Caydin: "Water in my belly too."

Me: "What's in mommy's belly?"

Caydin: "Water in mommy's belly."

Me: "Is there a baby in mommy's belly."

Caydin: "Yes, baby in water."

Me: "What is the baby doing in the water?"

Caydin: "Baby jump in the water."

Alrighty then. Hahaha. I thought he had pretty good reasoning though. :)

I didn't document my pregnancy with Caydin much. We did pictures about a month before he was born but other than that, we don't have much. Caydin was a surprise baby, definitely not a planned baby, so I wasn't super excited about having him at the beginning. He grew on me though. I mean, he grew in me. :) I was hardly ever sick with Caydin and I stayed very small until the end. I only gained 25ish pounds with Caydin. I'm a little nervous with this new baby because Caydin's pregnancy/birth/newborn stage was soooooo easy. ;)

But we are both very excited about this new little one. We weren't really "trying" to have a baby, but we decided we weren't going to prevent one either. We found out about baby bean on March 28th (with a test done at home!) I was on spring break from school and so I had the whole week to let it sink in. Rob was very excited, so excited that he answered my phone with my mother called that same day and announced that we were having a baby before even saying hello. Then he handed the phone to me and ran away. My mom was totally confused! She didn't believe it at first but we told her the next day that it was true.

We had our first appointment on May the 9th. Our doctor (same one we had with Caydin - I really like him) gave us a due date of November 27th. My starting weight with this little one is 127 pounds. I'm interested to see if I get bigger this time around. Belly size wise, I'm definitely bigger! I asked about hearing the heartbeat and my doctor warned me that it might still be too soon to hear anything but he said he was try. I got to hear the baby's heartbeat as soon as the doctor put the machine to my belly, it was very loud and very clear! :) The doctor was very happy with it, in the 170's.

Since my last appointment, I've had a few days of yuckiness. More than I had with Caydin but not crazy bad. Certain smells make me feel sick right away and I always want pizza things - breadsticks, begal bites, and hot pockets. At night, I HAVE to have a glass of milk (and I'm not much of a milk person!)

We head to the doctor again on this Monday (June 6th).

And now for new baby's first belly picture!