Thursday, September 29, 2011

Learning the Basics!

We've always known that Caydin is a fast runner.
But Rob has fun seeing if Caydin would make a good kicker or quarterback the other day!
I had fun watching Rob wear Caydin out!
And Caydin had fun being outside all afternoon!
We are so thankful to live on a quiet street that has tons of room to run around!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mr. Wyatt needs an update!

We've hit (and passed) the 30 week point! Woohoo! This past Sunday marks 31 weeks with Mr. Wyatt growing in my big ol' belly.  I always say this, but how did that happen? Time is flying by right now and has been for the past 8 months! We headed over to the doctor's for a checkup on Monday.  For the first time with Caydin or this baby, I actually lost a pound.  Rob was right next to me and mentioned that I eat "like a horse".  HA! The doctor wasn't concerned.  My belly has grown 4 cm (they measure in cm - right?!?!) in the past month and is right on track for a 31-32 weeker.  So all is good!

Wyatt sounded great and we're done with appointments every 4 weeks!  We head back in 2 weeks! 

We were both shocked to hear the doctor say, "4 more weeks and we won't stop him if he decides to come early."  Again, where is the time going?!?!!  We definitely won't be ready in 4 weeks!  We'll keep him in there for about 8 more weeks - thank you very much!

We've been working little by little in Wyatt's room.  We have his crib and dresser in the room.  Rob built a white shelf a few days ago.  We aren't sure we like it yet.  But its in there! Woohoo! 

I got these really cute blocks for Wyatt a few days ago.  I LOVE the elephants blocks on the end!  I've been going insane looking at elephant stuff for his room! Caydin wasn't so sure about the spelling of Wyatt's name.  So he made up his own name and added some decor!!!!!!   :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, September 19, 2011

Caydin learns the letter Q!

Last week at class, Caydin learned about the letter Q.  On his first day of class, they made quilts. 
They practiced lacing (obviously we need to work on this skill! :P  )  He left it at school so my mom took a picture of it with her phone when she picked him up.  He really enjoys going and is learning a lot fun the class.  I hear him randomly saying the letter Q when he is talking but he still mixes up the Q with an O when he sees it in writing.  At home this week, we worked on cutting with scissors.  Caydin is very much a left handed kid.  I really need to look for a left-handed scissor for him.  We worked on cutting in a straight line.  You can see how much he was focusing because his little tongue is hanging out of his mouth! LOL!  He doesn't like me to show him how to hold the scissors correctly.  He'll tell me "It's my job." or "I do it by myself." but he did listen when I told him where to put his fingers half of the time!  I always cut with my thumb pointing to the ceiling but Caydin wants to point his thumb to the table.  I'm not sure if thats a left-handed thing...

 On Thursday, they worked on writing the letter Q.  We need to work on that too! :P  They made another "quilt" with glitter and stickers and worked on the Leap Pads.   Isn't his coloring wonderful???

How did this happen? I think I'm in denial.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our Saturday

I thought I'd write down our day (or as much of it as I can remember!) so that we can see what/how much really changes after Wyatt joins the family in a few months (ONLY 2 MONTHS LEFT!).  We spent the majority of the day at home so it was an easy day to document!  :) 

Caydin says the funniest things sometimes but I always forget what he says by the time I sit down to blog!   Here goes:

Our Day!

3:45 am: Caydin wakes up to potty and goes right back to sleep in his bed after.
6 am: Daddy wakes up and starts getting ready for work.
6:50 am: Daddy leaves (I think - I was still asleep!)
8:13 am: Caydin, his mommy elephant lovey, and baby elephant lovey come crawl into bed with me and says "We go to bookstore now. The sun come up."  (I told him last night that mommy would take him - I want to look for some pre-school workbooks - the tracing and cutting ones and Caydin wants to get the "I'm Dirty" construction truck book.  Yes, he already knows exactly what book he wants.)
8:15 am: I turn on the Disney channel and we watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (a space episode). 
8:32 am: Caydin tells me, "I want milk.  I really really thirsty."  I tell him to go potty first while I get the milk.  He tells me "You go potty. I get the milk."  I said ok :)  2 seconds later, he comes back and says "I can't get milk. It get all messy."  So, he went potty instead and I got the milk.
8:45 am: Breakfast time.  Cocoa puffs for both of us.
9:01 am: Caydin announces that he has to go "poop"
9:12 am: Caydin announces that he is all done.  What a mighty job he did too....
9:19 am: After a few minutes of playing with his dump truck and a "Mommy, your a potty" conversation,  we finished breakfast.
9:42 am: We did some letter/number practice using the computers keyboard.  Then we had a funny conversation about lovey.  First lovey didn't want one of Caydin's chez-it crackers.  Then Caydin said that lovey was crying and needed a hug.  I said lovey was all better but Caydin said she had a boo-boo.  I asked where and he said that lovey's eye was hurt because he was trying to do a roll in the grass and a bug bite his eye.  Too cute.  Then he used lovey like a tissue and wiped snot all over it.  Lovely.
10:30 am: I'm showered and dressed.  Caydin doesn't want to get dressed.  He says he's working.  Working where? Our master shower.  He's got his tools in there and everything.  Must be really broken... he's been in there for a few minutes now!

10:54 am: I'm pretty sure the shower is "fixed" because now Caydin is using an empty wipe container to bring me all his cars.  Each time, he comes into the room, he says "I have a present for you!" with a big ol' smile on his face.  What could be better than cars?
11:15 am: We head out to B&N.  Caydin was so anxious to look at all the books.  He would grab one, sit down on the floor, look at it, then put it back if he didn't like it (or if it didn't have cars in it!)  We ended up picking a birthday gift for Caydin's buddy, 2 books for Caydin, and 2 workbooks for practicing cutting/pasting and letter writing.
12:30 pm:  Caydin was getting really sleepy in the car but wanted to stop at Grandma's to show her his books.  We stayed and ate sandwiches for lunch.  I tried out our edible markers on Caydin's sandwich - I wrote "C's on each of his little squares.  He thought they were neat and said "A lot of C's!" when I showed it to him. :) 
1:00 pm: Caydin watched a Bob the Builder show during lunch and then took a nap at Grandma's. I stayed at Grandma's too and graded some school papers. 
3:38 pm: I wake Caydin up from nap.  He wakes up happy and wants to play with his FisherPrice animals and read his new books.  He asks Mommy to read one and Grandma to read the other.
4:15 pm: We head home to see Daddy.  Caydin yells "surprise!!!" as we walk in the door.  Then pays Rob no attention and is off to play in his room. 
5:30 pm: I'm pretty sure I start to snooze on the couch.  I get woken up when Rob says, "He's eating another one??!!" in reference to Caydin stealing about orange slice candy.  Yup, thats how we roll. 
6 pm: Caydin asks me to read his new book again.  So I do.  Twice.
6:15 pm: Caydin unzips our couch pillow and starts taking the white flufft stuff out.  Rob is in total football mode and says, "Stop. Time out!"  He was just trying to get Caydin to stop but Caydin started to cry and went right to his time-out spot.  Poor kid.  Caydin has never done that before so he wasn't so much in trouble as Rob just wanted to him to stop.  Rob explained why we aren't allowed to take the stuffing out of the pillows.  I sat on the other couch and laughed as Caydin asked 15 times "WHY?"
7 pm:  It's finally cool enough to play outside on the pouch for awhile. :)  Caydin does an awesome job with putting his basketball in the hoop.  It's the cutest thing, he gets really really excited when he makes it and bows his head and says "ahh, I missed." when he misses.  What an actor.  I tried to throw the ball in the hook from where I was sitting... and missed EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Caydin thought that was funny.  Rob came out and grilled hamburgers for our dinner.  We talked about baby brothers name - Caydin still wants to call him Arwen when we ask him what his brother's name is...
7:45 pm: We ate late tonight! Not that it matters, we snacked on junk food all afternoon.  :)  Caydin and I sat at the table and ate our burgers with some pear slices.  Caydin asked for his fiber gummies and "superman gummy".  He told Daddy that he was getting muscles and a big fat tummy.  Rob laughed.
8:39 pm: Bathtime - woohoo for no crying at bathtime tonight! Some nights, he is a big pain to put in the bath... he never seems to want to stop playing.
9:05 pm:  Ducky comes out of the bath and gets jammies on.... which just consists of a pair of underweat and a PJ top (he prefers his Lightning McQueen or Thomas PJ shirt).  No shorts - it takes too much effort to pull them down in the middle of the night! :)  Plus, Caydin now will say, "I no want to wear shorts"
9:20 pm: Milk, story, more football.
9:40 pm: Bedtime!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Number/Letter Practice

Here are the numbers/letters that Caydin knows just by looking at the computer keyboard.  He had to say the number/letter before he could push the button on the keyboard. :) He wanted to push a lot more but these are the ones that he says consistently! :)  He said Q once but the next time he saw it, he said O.  :)


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pool Party at Grandma's!

After a fun morning at the Science Center, everyone headed home to nap!  Caydin didn't wait till home to take a nap, he started it in the car on the way home! We dropped him off with Grandpa and Uncle Josh, then headed to the grocery store for hamburger meat and buns!  Grandpa got a new grill and after setting it up in the living room, he got it started!
The kids had a great time in the pool! Ava is swimming like a mermaid! WOW! And it was Arwen's first time in the pool!  Fun times!

 Both soon-to-be big brothers had to test out the baby gear! This bumbo chair passed the big-brother test!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Playgroup attacks the Science Center

We were hoping to travel out of town for Labor Day weekend but beach condo's book up fast and it didn't work out. So instead, we spent Labor Day weekend doing cheap (but fun!) things around Orlando.  Saturday morning (September 3rd), we went to the Science Center!  Thanks to free passes for teachers and Andrea's discount card, everyone got in for free! We (I mean, the kids of course......) played and played!  Andrea and the kids went through an earthquake.  :)
 The boys drove a space shuttle!
 OOps, how'd this picture get in here?!?! The preggo ladies definitely did not find a couch and sit on it! NO WAY!!!
 After some play time, we headed to see the animals at the science center.  They had little alligators, big turtles, stingrays and fish, bees, and snakes of course!  Here is everyone checking out one of the snakes!
 After lunch and more play time, we headed up stairs to see the dinosaurs.  Now, you can laugh at me now.... because we had memberships to the science center from the time Caydin was 1 1/2 till he was 2 1/2 and I had NO CLUE that the science center had 4 floors! We've only ever been on the bottom 2 floors.  HA!
Next up, BBQ and pool time at Grandma and Grandpa's house!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Daddy's Toy!

Caydin's daddy got a new toy - one that Caydin loves too!  Daddy got a new race car that goes pretty fast outside on the road.  Rob got the idea back when our street was re-paved and after researching and comparing different styles, then waiting weeks for it to arrive, he finally got one!  I love when they sit outside in their chairs and watch the race car, Rob in his beach chair and Caydin in his Lightning McQueen car that he got for his birthday.  Caydin will seriously sit forever to watch daddy's race car! I end up bringing them out cups of water (not that I'm complaining!)
 Lovey gets to watch somedays. :)  Caydin has really been attached to to his lovey lately.  I've been thinking about doing a post just about lovey. :)
 Rob showed Caydin how to use the remote control.  Caydin loved it!
 I was amazed at how big the race car is... not your typical toy race car.  It's actually pretty neat to watch!  I keep telling Rob that I want a pink race car so I can play with one too! HA!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Caydin learns the letter P

Caydin's class studied the letter P last week! 
At home, I found some "P" activities on a Homeschooling website to do.  After dinner one night, we sat at the table and worked on them. 
 I even sent them over to Grandma's so he could practice while he was there!
First, we sorted the puppy cards from smallest to biggest.  He did really good with this one and liked it too! Then we mixed them up and sorted from biggest to smallest.  (Going big to small was harder for Caydin than going small to big!)
 After that, we used cherrios to "feed" the puppy cards the right number of food.  Caydin liked this activity too and did a really good job.  He still wants to count "1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 20" most of the time so this was good practice for him.  When we make him slow down and count, he can count up to 10... but he doesn't do it very often.  I guess "1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 20" is easier! 
 Caydin's art project from Monday.  He got to use a glue stick and had to put the shapes in the right spot.  We don't use glue sticks at home very much.  I brought one home last week to work on a school project and Caydin had a blast just moving the glue stick around on a piece of paper.  He was very interested in why things were sticking to the paper after he put the glue on.  His teachers said that the kids did most of the work.  Caydin told me all about a story they read at class with a puppy and a ball.
 Then on Thursday, Caydin made this interesting little guy.  I had no clue what it was at first and neither did Caydin.  He couldn't remember!  It's a porcupine made out of clay, paint, and uncooked spaghetti pasta.  Interesting, huh? HA!  Caydin was most interested in telling me about the creature's eyes and nose. 
 Caydin worked on this Leapfrog paper at class too.  I put it on the frig and whenever we go in to get something out, I ask him the letter.  He still remembers! Woohoo!  His class must be working for him because "P" wasn't a letter he knew before starting class last week!  I also laugh at his great coloring skills... He is getting better at coloring the picture....
 And finally,  Caydin was given a newsletter and song sheet after his first class.  Leave it to KoBe to eat my kid's homework. LOL!  Maybe I should be more sympathic when my school kids say that the "dog ate their homework!"  His class does a calendar time so we've been practicing the days of the week and months of the year songs with him.  He knows a lot of the days of the week - but only in terms of garbage days! HA! He can tell you that the garbage truck comes on Tuesday and Friday and the recycling truck comes on Wednesday.  He also will tell you that the recycling truck comes on Friday at Grandma's house!  He doesn't know them in order yet :) We're working on that!