Saturday, February 26, 2011

What a day....

So many times, I've told myself that I need to write down the funny things that Caydin does and I usually never do. 
But today, I am!

This morning, I made jelly bread for breakfast.  It's pretty simple... you know... bread with jelly on it. I don't even have to toast or butter it.  It's THAT SIMPLE! Anyways, I told Caydin I was making it, and he said, "Horray mommy.  Thank you mommy, thank you." in the sweetest little 2 year old voice I've ever heard. 
Jelly bread. Seriously?!?

I also took Caydin to his first Gymboree class today.  He was very shy and timid in this new environment and wanted me to help him with everything he did (at first).  This is sooooooo not my Caydin, so that was fun to see for the few minutes that it lasted!  It was also cute to hear him ask for Carter and Ava everytime he did something.  He asks for Carter and Ava daily.  He loves his buddies.

Watching stink (garbage) trucks on the computer has become a nightly thing.  He loves them.  We used to tell him he could watch it after bathtime.  But then he started asking for bathtime at like 2 pm.  Now he knows that the moon has to be in the sky before he can watch it.  He still asks for baths a lot though - HA.  He also has a thing for climbing in the bathtub and playing.  Well tonight, he was being very quiet but not wanting to disturb his independent play (HA again!) I left him alone.  Then he brings me a wet feather duster.  Not a good sign!  He told me he took a bath.  Not a good sign either! When he takes me into the bathroom, I see the wet floor leading from the toilet to the bathtub.  Definitely not a good sign! I asked him what happened and he told me "water pee-pee in bathtub" and pointed between the two! 

The poor kid wanted to take a bath so bad that he was trying to move the water from the toilet to the bathtub using a feather duster! LAUGH OUT LOUD!

But the story gets better! I clean everything up, then turn on the bath water so he can take a bath.  I turn around to call my mom to tell her the funny story of course, then turn back around to find my fully clothed child in the bathtub!  He took bathtime very serious tonight! He must of been so excited about watching stink trucks (actually tonight it was firetrucks).

I love that kid!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Caydin does the Laundry!

Step 1: Pull the basket of clean clothes out of Mommy and Daddy's room. 
Step 2: Climb in it... It makes a great step stool!
 Step 3: Get all the old wrinkles out... by making new wrinkles!
 Step 4: Dump basket onto floor so that you can put all the shirts together, shorts together, etc.
Step 5: Forget why you dumped the basket out, then start throwing everything back into the basket.  Make as many more wrinkles as you can.... adds character to Daddy's clothes!
 Step 6: Remind yourself that picking up clothes is REALLY boring and dump the basket out again!
 Step 7: Belly flop onto the clothes.  Besides, folding is TOTALLY overrated!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

{Pictures from Christmas Day, 2010}

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some moments....

Sometimes, this little guy is pretty normal... plays with his toys, talks about trucks, runs around like a crazy man, even feeds pretend food to Kobe (who he calls Tobe)....

 and then there are days when we sit back and say.... this kid is strange!!!  You know.... like when he decides to read a book in the bathtub. 
No matter how normal or strange he is, we love him just the same! :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a pretty relaxed Valentine's Day.  I went to work this morning and Rob went to work this afternoon! So we didn't see eachother at all! But I enjoyed the day with my kids at school.  We read a story and passed out valentine's.  Afterschool, I came home with a balloon that one of my school kids gave me.  Caydin thought that was awesome.  This evening, he was running around like a crazy man... and loved hitting the balloon into things like the wall, lights, fans.. Who thought a silly balloon could be so fun?!?

So since I don't have any "Valentine" pictures.... I leave you with some pictures of Rob and Caydin.  Caydin would cover Rob's face with a lovey... then yell "Where go Daddy? Daddy, where are you?!?!" and he just thought that was the silliest thing ever! 


Sunday, February 13, 2011

A view from here...

While watching Miss Spider today.... Caydin starts yelling "DEER, DEER, DEER!"  Sure enough, we look out the door and see 4 deer eating our weeds in the backyard.  One mama deer (I'm guessing...) and three little deer. 

Caydin kept asking to pet the deer and he wanted it to turn around and walk toward our yard when the big one headed toward our neighbor's yard.  When the mama deer would stop and look at us (I guess she could see us moving?!?) Caydin would smile really big and wave.

After awhile, I took Caydin out on the screened-in porch so he could see the deer better.  I told him we had to whisper so we didn't scare the deer away and he did a really good job!  He kept saying "Mommy, see deer!" in this little tiny voice!  He offered them a ball... but they weren't really interested ;)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

This week went by waaaaaaay to fast!

I don't know how it happens.... I blink and the day goes from Tuesday to Saturday! The days are just flying by.  I'm thankful for our weekly routines but man.... I can't remember the last time that I thought "time was going by slowly."  On Tuesdays, we fill our evenings with playgroup fun and on Wednesdays, we head over to music class.  I try to do "bro-cery" shopping on Thursdays.  :)  That doesn't leave much room for blogging! One of these weeks, I'll get smart and blog ahead of time and then just schedule the posts.  Don't worry, I'm not that smart yet! :)

In between all of our outings, we spend lots of time playing.  Caydin thinks his "bama" (thats what he called my mom now - like Obama without the first O) is magical.  Toys go home with her and return almost brand-new.  Usually its just the batteries that need to be replaced.  I'm pretty sure its not an accident that I neglect changing the batteries...  This morning, another toy was starting to go dead and Caydin let me know that "bama" would fix it with new "ba-ties."   
 We play "Where's Caydin" A LOT.  He usually hides in the same spot over and over..  The funny thing is..... we usually never find him! ;)  I love hearing the giggles as I walk around the house calling "Caydin! Caydin! Where are you??" Caydin still thinks most of the time that as long as his face is covered.... we can't see him.  I mean.... come on.... Can you find him in this picture?!?!
He's looking at a playgroup picture in this frame.  He talks about his friends all the time.  We drive toward the grocery store and he asks if we are going to Ava's house.  We are lucky to have a great group of friends to spend time with.  (In fact, we're heading over to one of their houses in about an hour!) 
 Puzzles are becoming very popular in our house.  He doesn't quite have the attention span to do this 27 piece ABC train puzzle but he gets to about M with no problem! 
We've also started these 12 piece puzzles that Caydin likes to do alot.  He still needs help pushing the pieces into place but he knows exactly where each piece goes. 
This is only a great picture because of the food stain all over his shirt! :)  Caydin is getting really good about smiling when I ask him too.  Isn't he the cutest?  This morning, he woke up crying really early (as in 7am).  I went in there to see what was wrong and he was looking up at me, holding his arms up as if to tell me to pick him up... and just kept saying "Mommy, too heavy.  Too heavy."  It was the sweetest thing.  He then told me to lay down on the floor and that his back was itchy (i.e.  scratch my back mom!) I rubbed his back for a minute then told him I would go get my pillow.  He was asleep before I even let the room.  He, no doubt, must of had a bad dream that woke him up.  I thought it was really sweet though. 
And I leave you with this:
My mom's meanest face.  Scary, I know. LOL!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Time with our Bestests

We love visits with our bestests!
Is he not the cutest 8 month old ever?!?!  

 Catherine, Landen, and Gavin came over to play on Saturday.  The big boys had a blast playing with trains and running around outside.  They get along really well which is nice because we get time to sit and talk (and play with Gavin!!!)!!! :)

 We haven't taken a mommy/babies picture in a long time - I think the last one was taken when Gavin was still in his mama's belly!  So we have a fun interesting time getting the boys all together on the couch!
 But we got one!!! HooRAY!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

We take trains very seriously around here!!!!

If you don't know Thomas, then you probably shouldn't stop by our house! :D
We spend a lot of time these days playing with Thomas and driving him around the train tracks.  When we first got Thomas, Caydin was easily frustrated by the magnets and the tracks.

But now, he plays very well with them.  He loves his roundhouse the most. 
I love that his imagination is growing and expanding.  He likes to make Thomas fall over and uses the crane and the bulldozer to come pick Thomas up.... Over and over again.

Thomas makes staying inside because of the rain (not the temperature - LOL)much easier to handle!!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I love that he smiles when I ask him to......

(This 70-ish degree weather is pretty nice too! )