Sunday, January 25, 2015

The start of our Disney adventures!

Yesterday we headed to Disney for our first of MANY trips.  We finally decided to get annual passes for the boys!  This was the first trip for Wyatt.  Caydin has been a few times but the last visit was well over 2 years ago!

We arrived a little after 3 pm.  After riding the parking lot tram (a ride in itself for Wyatt!) We traded in our passes for the actual tickets.  I should mention that when we discussed Disney with the boys, the main thing they wanted to do was ride the monorail.  I'm pretty sure we could park, ride the monorail for awhile and then head back home and they would be perfectly happy!

Go figure that the monorail wasn't working when we got there.   We had to take the ferryboat over to Magic Kingdom.  A friend of mine from work met up with us.  THANK GOD! They were Disney Pro's! I definitely learned a lot of ins and outs and must-do's from spending the afternoon with them!

First we headed over to the FastPass station and loaded up our evening with rides.  Lifesaver!

Our first ride was the Buzz Lightyear one.  We walked right on (thanks FastPass).  Wyatt sat with me.  The entire time, he said "I don't like this" but as we got off, he yelled "That was awesome!"  I'd day that ride was a winner.  Caydin really enjoyed it.

Then we had time until our next FastPass so we headed to Goofy Barnstormer Roller Coaster!  This one we had to wait for but the wait time was only 30 minutes.  It was also Wyatt's first roller coaster.  He is still too short to go on the one kid one at Sea World.  He loved it.  Was silent the entire time.  That never happens unless he is asleep! :)  As the ride was stopping, he asked me "Can we go again?  Let's ask the guy!"  He said he loved it and that it was cool and awesome!

Then we headed right next door to the Dumbo ride.  We had fastpasses for this one but didn't need them.  The ride was pretty empty.  The ride was genius.  We did the ride first, then went in the standby line again because while you are waiting, you get to play!  The boys loved the playground.  We loved it too.  (Because we got to sit around for a couple minutes!)  We rode Dumbo again without fastpasses then headed to dinner.  We ate at the Pinocchio restaurant.  Pizza and nuggets for everyone.  We walked right on to It's a Small World after that.  Wyatt waved to the creepy dolls a few times. HA!

Then we headed to the haunted mansion for our last fastpass.  I probably shouldn't of picked this one for the boys to go on at night. HA!  Caydin had his eyes closed most of the ride.  Wyatt kept telling me he didn't like it.  As we got off, he told me he did like it though! Caydin maintained his "I don't want to ride this one again" stance.  We happened to see the fireworks as we were walking.  Amazing.  Caydin loved it which means a lot because he has never liked fireworks.  Loves to look at them but hates the sound.  In fact, he hides inside EVERY 4th of July.  There must be something magical about Disney.  He watched and smiled the entire time without mentioning the sounds once. 

We headed home after the fireworks with a million other people.  Thankfully we got to ride the monorail on the way out of the park.  It wasn't all that exciting though.  Afterall, we were crammed inside the train. LOL!

Wyatt was out cold before we left the parking lot.  Caydin was asleep before we got home.  Easy bedtime. :)  I sat right down on the computer and ordered our FastPass wristbands.  Can't wait to get them in the mail!!!

The boys are already asking for our next trip to Disney.  We can't wait to go back!