Friday, May 30, 2014

Change of plans!

We went to the splash park.  But it was closed.
So we went to the park. 
I wanted some pictures.
But my camera died.
But before it died, I got these 2 pictures. 

Perfect examples of the boys personalities.

Willing to please (Grandma wanted a picture with the boys.  Only Caydin participated!)
Easy going.  
Addicted to Grandma.
Big brother.


Wild man.
Saver of money.  (I don't need a gym membership - chasing Wyatt is enough of a workout!)
Little brother who thinks he is a big kid. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bathtime Crazy Heads!

I needed still need some new pictures for the frames in the boys bathroom.  I tried to get some cute smiles... but this is all I got!

These little crazies!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Our way of getting a good nights sleep! Swimming!!

The start of a million and two posts about swimming.  :)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Outside Fun! (and a little update!)

It's spring! Or maybe its summer.  I'm not really sure.  Afterall, we live in Florida and pretty much only have a cold summer and a hot summer.  No other seasons! 

But anyways.  The grass is green.  And that can only mean one thing.  Time to rip it up! The boys LOVE dirt.  When they aren't busy scooter-ing all over the place (bikes just aren't that cool in our family), they are busy ripping up the yard.  
Look behind Wyatt in this picture.  Where all that dirt is.... that used to be wonderful green grass. Oh well, my kids are happy.  They love to get all their construction cars out and dirt at the "construction site". 
This summer, I plan to make them (with my dad's help) a big sand dirt box.  They will probably never come inside again!  
This guy has been busy too! He is 7 school days away from finishing his Kindergarten school year.  How did that happen?!?!  He is reading, writing, spelling, counting.  We are so proud of him.  He loves his school, loves his teacher, loves the staff (and they all love him too!)  I could not of asked for a better school year for him. 

We are both headed to summer school this year.  Me.... teaching (back in the classroom for 4 weeks!) and Caydin will be attending.  He doesn't need to go, but since I'm going to be there everyday, we figured... why not!  We really hope that he gains some reading confidence.  He can read, but he much prefers for us to read to him.  

Soccer just ended so we are spending all our extra time in the pool.  Caydin is a fish! He swims all over.  A few weeks ago, he mastered diving for toys.  Last weekend, he mastered doing a handstand in the water.  
Swimming is definitely "his thing!"

And this guy...  He is busy learning too! He starts a drop off program in August.  
He amazed us a few days ago by bringing us a book and reading almost all the letters in the title.  We were shocked.  He loves anything electronic and can work the ipad and my cell phone like nobodies business.  
His stuffed penguin is still his most prized possession. :)


Saturday, May 24, 2014

I'm in trouble.

Caydin just found out that I haven't blogged all month.  He isn't very happy.