Monday, February 25, 2013

Wyatt - 15 months!

Well Wyatt,
You are 15 months old now! I'm not really sure how that happened.  One day you were a tiny little newborn and the next, a walking babbling big boy!
Boy, you are a monster! You know what things you are allowed and not allowed to do.  You like to give us big smiles then do something you aren't supposed to do! Stinker!
You love to go to school with Caydin.  Everyone there LOVES you too.  You also like to give Grandma a hard time but throwing up all the time.  GRR! (More on that in a minute!)
Wyatt, you are gaining weight like a champ - you've gained a whole pound in the last few months.  You love food and will try just about anything.  You still don't like to eat solid fruit.  You prefer the pureed kind. 
Your hair is getting longer! I finally got it trimmed in the front because it was always in your eyes.  I left it long in the back though so now we joke that you have a mullet.
You love to be outside and looooove to play with your brother.  We are trying to teach Caydin to only do good things in front of you because you copy everything he does.  If he runs, you run.  If he throws something, you throw something. If he yells, you screech!
You are a BOOK BOY! He bring us books to read ALL. DAY. LONG.  I don't remember Caydin being like that.  One time, Daddy was napping on the couch and you walked right up to him with a book in your hand and smacked him in the face with the book.  You were serious about reading! You have favorite books and bring us the same ones over and over again. 
You nap/sleep really good but lately, you are starting to fight going to sleep.  You sometimes have to cry for a minute or two before you give up and go to sleep.  You take 2 naps a day and sleep before 8ish pm to 7 am.
We took you to the doctor for your 15 month appointment and your doctor said you were very average in your weight and height.  We asked the doctor about your tummy issues (lots of random throw up lately).  We are going to monitior your throw up for a few weeks longer then will probably have to check to see what is going on with your belly.  We aren't sure if you just have a really sensitive gag reflex, some motion sickness, or just something going on with your belly.  Hopefully whatever it is will clear up on its own... soon!  
We love you buddy - you make everyone smile. You babble all the time so we are all excited to hear you start saying words.  You say a couple random words now and it is so cute!
Live it up baby boy, pretty soon you will have a new little cousin and won't be the baby in the family anymore! Haha!

 Love, Mommy


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Center time at school

Caydin's teacher asked all the kids to bring in a stuffed animal to keep at school.  Caydin picked out this cat that I got many many years ago!  Kitty was named Meow Meow after Aunt Tee-tee's cat.  As far as I know, Kitty is doing great at school and gets to come out during center time.  And just a fun fact - every afternoon, we ask Caydin how school was and what he did during centers.  He most always tells us that he played in the housekeeping area with Kirin.  He also enjoys the block building center and told me that he started going on the computer too.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Picture Boy

Wyatt LOVES to study pictures.  We put some up on the refrigerator so he can see and touch them all the time. He loves this picture of Grandpa, Caydin, and Grandma.

Friday, February 22, 2013

A Writing Game

One evening, Caydin made his own Hopscotch game - complete with a "GO" card and a "STOP" card.  He had a lot of fun hopping from card to card!
Each day, he gets a little more better and a little more interested in writing. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Matching Jammies and a happy baby!

Every night after bathtime, Caydin asks for matching jammies.  I figure there will come a day with Caydin doesn't want to match Wy AT ALL so I'm going to live it up and dress them in matching clothes as often as possible!
It is starting to get easier to take a picture of the 2 of them together.  I can at least get them both to look at the camera at the same time, I can't always get a smile but I'm ok with that!
So here is a few matching jammie pictures (and a few of Wyatt that I just couldn't leave out!)

Sunday, February 10, 2013


It's amazing how many pictures I take with my phone now opposed to my camera.  Most of the everyday stuff we do ends up being documented with phone pictures and I really have to challenge myself to grab the camera when we are doing something interesting or going out somewhere.  I guess that is what happens when you have 2 monkeys instead of just one!
One evening, I put shaving cream in a cookie sheet for Caydin. He loved it!

Daddy gave Wy a foot massage!

Wyatt loves his penguin and blankets. 

Not a baby anymore. Officially a toddler!

Caydin decided one day that he wanted to take showers and has done it ever since.  No more bath time for both boys together.  Which makes me alittle sad but both boys are still as happy as can be. Wy gets Daddy time in the bath and Caydin gets Mommy's help (though he is learning how to wash himself - all I really help with is scrubbing his hair and washing off his back!)  Bath time is finished in record time around here!

Sometimes he just doesn't want to take a nice picture. He'd rather take a silly picture!

big MESSY trouble

Playtime at the park.. Nothing is off limits anymore - Wyatt will try to climb anything and everything!

Sweet Caydin monster - usually too busy to take a picture.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blanket Boys

Caydin was ALWAYS a blanket baby.  He always had his pacifier, lovie, and blanket with him.  Thankfully, he no longer needs a pacifier (haha) and usually only has to have his blanket on his bed. He is however a HUGE lovie boy.  If Caydin spends the night with Grandma, lovie goes too.  If Caydin goes somewhere, 90% of the time, lovie goes too.  Lovie usually hangs out in the car when we go to a store and doesn't need to go to school.  Lovie is sometimes referred to as a dalmation (when Caydin is a firefighter) or Caydin's baby.  We love lovie around here. =)
Little brother isn't far behind.  He hasn't taken an interest in a pacifier and doesn't have much need for the lovie we gave him though.  He is pretty obsessed with his stuffed penguin.  He stole it from Caydin's room around the time he started to crawl and has slept with it everyday since.  He also has a Elmo doll and Mickey Mouse that hangs out in his bed with him.  Lately though, he is becoming more and more attached to his blanket.  We love that he puts his face down on it when he sees it.  I also find it super cute when he drags it around the house.  Reminds me of his big brother at the same age! =) 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Puzzle Time

Caydin told me one day that we had to do a puzzle every. single. day.  It only lasted about 3 days and the he forgot to ask for a puzzle! Thank goodness.  We only have about 3 different big puzzles.  Caydin is getting pretty good at doing puzzles.  The puzzles are also helping Caydin to stay focused on an activity for longer than 2 minutes. (Don't worry Ms. Denise - we are working hard on his attention span!)  Wyatt thinks that puzzles are pretty neat too - he thinks it is super funny to break apart the pieces that Caydin has already finished! Silly baby. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Breakfast - Wyatt style

"Don't worry mom, I can feed myself breakfast."