Friday, July 31, 2009

New Smyrna Day 3 and Day 2 Random Pictures

Day 3 was our last day at the New Smyrna. Rob and I got out really early to do some boogie boarding while Caydin played with his oma.
Opa then stayed with Caydin during his nap so we could go get some breakfast at a little place called the Beacon. After Caydin's nap, we all headed down to the water again.
...Caydin made himself a hole {not really but it sure does look like it!!!}
Please excuse my extra white legs however, I fully believe in the power of sunscreen!
...enjoying the hole but NOT touching anything!!!... at the beach...
{Rob discovered the camera and the joys of taking pictures- yay!!!} the green fish that the little boy unwillingly gave Caydin yesterday...

"How big are you?"

I am so pleased that Caydin enjoyed running around in the sand this trip!
We all had fun and hope to go back someday!

Random Pictures DAY 2

...sunrise on Day 2...

...Caydin ran up to these girls who were walking on the beach and latched right on to the youngest girls leg. It's a good thing that they thought Caydin was the cutest little guy in the world...
...walkway to the beach... of the few beaches left that still allow cars to drive onto the beach...
...Caydin and mama shadow...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Smyrna Day 2

...finally a picture with Mommy!!!...
...Daddy walking off into the ocean...

...running on the sand...

...i like the shadow here!...

...saving the ball from the wave...

Good day at the beach.

We headed out after breakfast for a walk along the sand. Caydin brought his beloved ball with him to share in the adventure!

After a nap, Mama, Daddy, and Caydin went down to the pool. A little boy at the pool unwillingly gave Caydin a green fish. His mom insisted, and he was not so pleased! But Caydin LOVED that green fish, and still does!

After some pool action, we headed down to the ocean to pool. The sun was behind a cloud so it was perfect weather, plus the wind was blowing so it didn't feel like 100 degrees outside. Daddy chased after Caydin while I sat and let the waves get me wet. FUN! The tide was coming in so we had to keep moving a few steps back. Caydin liked running down to the wave and then running from it!

We tired Caydin out and he napped for nearly 3 hours! We took a short walk back down to the beach again because I was complaining that I always take the pictures and am never in a picture! So, the first picture is a product of those whines!

We had dinner at a restaurant and Caydin did pretty well. His scream has gotten A LOT louder, or could it just of been that room?? I don't know but it was VERY LOUD! We quickly took him outside to run around and wear off some energy.

Good day!

Random Day 1 pictures

...the hot spot to be I suppose - mid day...
...ocean waves... sandy flipo flopos...


...the tent that Ann and Bud set up down by the beach...
...I especially like the cooler trail...
{Rob would like Grandpa to know that it sometimes pays to have a cooler with wheels!!!}

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Smyrna Day 1

Rob's mom and stepdad (Oma and Opa) are spending the week at the beach in New Smyrna. We drove up this morning to stay a few days. Oma and Opa are renting a 3 bedroom condo on the beach, which is great! It even has a pool downstairs for Caydin {which he loves!!!!}

We arrived shortly after 10:30 this morning.

Caydin ate breakfast {we ate pizza} and then got ready to spend a few hours at the beach. I was alittle worried that Caydin would NOT like the beach as he wasn't a huge fan of it a few weeks ago when we were in St. Pete for Uncle Jay's wedding. Luckily, the sand is sooooo much better for walking {and running} so Caydin spent a few hours running along the water chasing after birds.

He walked close to the water. After awhile, we decided to play in the pool which Caydin LOVED! See picture above! He splashed in the water and didn't even mind the water in his face. He even thought it was funny to put his face down in the water -- even though mommy didn't think it was that funny!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Family and Friends....

{Jaylin was super good at unwrapping all the "baby" presents} Caydin's birthday Party BBQ.

{Where is a picture of Grandpa????}

Monday, July 27, 2009


Mommy has a bestest named Catherine.

And Caydin has a bestest named Landen.

Luckily, bestest Landen is bestest Catherine's little, I mean BIG, boy so we get to see them at the same time... whenever we want!!!!

Birthday Party

Yesterday, lots of family and a few friends came over for a BBQ to celebrate Caydin's birthday. This is my favorite (hahaha) picture of Caydin taken yesterday! Aunt Katie made AN AWESOME birthday cake for Caydin complete with a monkey, elephant, and giraffe. Caydin got close enough to it to realize that it was a cake and started crying. He is simply not a cake boy! HAHA
He wore his super cute monkey shirt with his name on it and pretty much ran around the back porch the entire afternoon. He especially liked taking Landen for a ride on his bike and playing with the lid for the cooler.
We opened his massive amount of presents (with a special thanks to Jaylin for helping unwrap) and Caydin played with them while Grandma, Grandpa, Daddy, Aunt Katie and everyone else put toys together. Caydin needed his 4 o clock nap (afterall, it was 4:28 pm) so he went down and everyone ate birthday cake. Again, we didn't sing to him (since he was sleeping) nor did we give him a piece of cake to smash. He would of hated it anyways! The cake was super yummy though!!!
After some family and friends left, we played with toys and ran around the backyard!
It was a fun afternoon! Caydin had so much fun that he stayed up in his crib to tell all his "crib buddies" about his day and didn't go to sleep until close to 10. He didn't cry or whine though so we let him babble away. He then woke up around 3 and continued his conversation **he must of remembered some important details that he forgot to mention earlier**. He finally finished his convo and went back to sleep =)
He babbled all morning {I honestly don't think he's ever "talked" so much} and continued on at the doctors office this morning.... until the nurse whose job it was to give shots came him. Poor little guy had to get 3 shots, one in both legs and the third in his arm. He wasn't much of a fan of that!! Either was I!!
Be on the look out for more birthday pictures as I have a ton!!
Thanks to everyone who came over and spent some time with us!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy 1st birthday!

Dear Caydin,

Hi monkey! It's Mommy! This is just a little note from Mommy that you can read when you're big! Maybe, HOPEFULLY, I'll write you a letter every birthday. I say hopefully because we all know Mommy is a bit forgetful! But WOW, where did the time go? Just one year ago today, you were a tiny 7 pound 3 oz baby with no name!!! We didn't pick your name until about an hour after you were born - we had to get a good look at you to see what name fit! I think your name is perfect, though often times, you are referred to as monkey, monkey man, or Cay-man.

You have been THE BEST baby that any mommy or daddy could ask for and we love you! You have been showing us how strong you are since the day you came home from the hospital! You always loved to stand and just look around. It was no surprise when you started crawling at 6 months and walking at 10 1/2 months! You are a great napper and sleeper, which mommy and daddy are very thankful for!!!! You are also a great eater - you love your bottles and love your solids! Right now, you especially love puffs and cherrios! It's hard to believe that you are chewing on those puffs and cherrios with the EIGHT teeth in your mouth!

You love to be outside and love to play in the refrigerator! You love anything with wheels and balls. Often times, I will find you staring out the back porch or looking out the window. We both love to watch people, especially daddy when he cuts the yard, but you also have a love for watching animals!

This year has been so fun! Mommy went back to work when you were almost a month old so you have been spending a lot of time with grandma. We went to a pumpkin patch, took your first plane ride to Chicago to meet your great-grandparents, met Santa, saw Aunt Katie graduate from college, met the Easter bunny, took your first LONG car ride to North Carolina, and watched Uncle Jay and Aunt Jen get married! Mommy has had the BEST TIME staying home with you all summer. You truly are a mama's boy!

We love you Caydin and can't wait to see you grow even bigger and stronger! Keep smiling, laughing, and screaming (the joyful kind, not the upset kind) because it makes Mommy and Daddy soooo happy!

Happy 1st birthday!

Love Mommy

At 12 months, you are....

Eating foods with your fingers {mainly puffs, cherrios, and most recently, chicken nuggets}

Eating solid food off of a spoon {no more baby fruits, you do great with diced fruit}

Eating three big meals a day and 4 bottles.

Cut 2 new teeth this month!

Picking heavy things up using both hands.

Rolling balls, bouncing balls, chasing balls.

Dropping objects inside of other objects.

Hate getting your fingers dirty or touching things that are messy {paint, fruit, grass}

Graduated from your first Kindermusik class.

Wave Hi.

Follow Mommy ALL OVER the house.

Love bedroom and closet doors, OH and the dishwasher door!

....I'll add more when I think of them!!!!...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

P.S. My baby is turning one tomorrow!!!!!!