Monday, April 30, 2012

This is the day I decided all meals will be in the highchair from now on!!!

He was soooooo messy! Caydin never got messy - he hated for food or paint (or anything else!) to get on his hands.  Wy had rice cereal everywhere.  These pictures don't give his messiness justice!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wyatt 5 mon!ths

Dear Wyatt,

You are one cool dude!
Always moving.
Always drooling.
Always rolling.
Always smiling.

You are drinking mostly 6 oz bottles now.  Your newest mixture is 1 1/2 scoops of regular formula and 1 1/2 scoops of AR formula (added rice for the spit up!) The new mixture seems to be helping keep your milk in your belly and not all over your clothes or your friends (i.e Grandma!)
We lay you on your back and it takes about 5 seconds before you are over on your tummy.
You scoot backwards and turn in circles.  You are never where we put you on your blankets.
You drool, drool, drool!
You wake up at least once a night. 
You usually sleep the whole night in your own room/own crib.  Every once in awhile, you sneak into Mommy's arms or the boppy next to Daddy!
You grab everything.
After you grab everything, you put everything in your mouth!
You are starting to sit without help.  It only lasts a few seconds before you tumble over. 
You love to watch Caydin playing.
You especially love when Caydint talks to you.
You like walks in the stroller.
You love bathtime, especially if you get to hang out in the tub with Caydin and don't have to stay in your baby tub.
You have been eating rice cereal for a month now.  On Friday, you started green beans.  You smiled. while eating it so I'm guessing you liked it!
You wear a size 2 diaper (when you aren't in cloth!) and wear 3-6 month outfits, 3 and 6 month tee-shirts, 6 and 9 month shorts/pants (because of the cloth diapers!)

"No Wyatt, that's metal!"

Caydin has always interacted with Wyatt but lately, Wyatt has been so much more alert and interested in what Caydin is doing - and that just makes Caydin so excited!  95% of the time, you will find Caydin playing in whatever room Wyatt is in.  I am so thankful that Caydin never had any trouble with losing his "only child" status.  :)
In fact, while sitting here just now working on this post, Caydin told me that he doesn't have a runny nose today.  (He is always worried about getting a cold...) I told him that was great and asked what he wanted to do today. His response "I want to play with Wyatt!"

Wyatt is grabbing at everything lately.  AND everything goes into his mouth.  We've been teaching Caydin about what toys Wyatt can have and what he shouldn't have until he is older.  Wyatt always wants to get his chubby hands on Caydin's hotwheel cars so when he does, Caydin switches the car out with one of Wyatt's little plastic cars and tells Wyatt "No Wyatt, that's metal".

And of course, anytime we get something new (well something that was Caydin's that Wyatt hasn't seen before!) Caydin has to check it out too.  I love having two boys!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh Caydin!

Me: Ms. Denise told Grandma that you ate your whole sandwich at lunchtime today!
Caydin: Yes, I am growing and growing.
Me: That makes me sad.
Caydin: Why does that make you sad?
Me: Because you used to be little and now you are getting so big.  I'm going to miss you when you get to big to live with mommy.
Caydin: I will miss you too.
Me: Will you miss me when you are big and drive your own car? (We were in the car at the time.)
Caydin: No, I will not.
Me: Oh.
Caydin: I will miss you when I am big and drive a tow truck!

Me: Caydin, do you want to take a bath with Wyatt?
Caydin: Yes! Wyatt is my best friend!
Me: What about me?
Caydin: (kisses me) You are my best friend too.
Me: I love you buddy.
Caydin: But Carter is my beeeeeesssstt friend!
Me: Alrighty then!

Caydin: This firetruck is suuuuuure squeeky!

Caydin: My feet are suuuuuuuuure dirty!

Caydin: Mommy, you call 8-9-lovey-1-1 if you need help.  A firetruck comes and a doctor!
Me: I think the number is 9-1-1.
Caydin: I just kiddin'.

Caydin: Mom, I need my phone.
Me: Which one?
Caydin: The one over here. (as he is digging through a drawer.)
Me: Who are you calling?
Caydin: I calling Grandpa.  I left a tool in his workshop.
              Hi Grandpa. It's Caydin. I need the tool.  Yes. Ok. Bye.
Me: Do you want to call him on the real phone?
Caydin: No, I already talked to him.  (duh, I knew that...)

(In the car after dinner)
(Wyatt is crying)
Caydin: Wyyyyyyyatttt is crying.
Caydin: Helpppppp meeeeee! Wyatt is crying!! Help meeeeeee!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wyatt's dinner time - at 5 months old!

Oh goodness. Wyatt is a mess at mealtime.  He loves to eat and wants E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G we are eating.  But he thinks it is super funny to be sticky from head to toe at the end of meal time!
We are still just doing rice cereal (though, he is beyond ready for some actual baby food!)
He gets it once a day, in the evening, before bathtime (I learned the eating before bathtime thing.... the hard way!)
Usually Wyatt sits in his highchair to eat.  For some reason, he was in the carseat during the meal I took pictures! Also, nightime = bad picture lighting and lots of blurriness... Urgh!

Right now, our schedule goes like this:
8:15 pm - Rice Cereal Dinner
8:35 pm - Bathtime with Brother
9:15 pm - Finish the rest of the bottle that wasn't used for the rice cereal
9:20 pm - Asleep!

Love his schedule! It makes it easy to spend some time with Caydin reading stories at his bedtime and I get to relax before I go to sleep too!  He is soooooo easy to put to bed at night.  We are so lucky!

Wyatt's feet are up in the air... so Caydin thought it was a perfect time to check his diaper! 
 Starting to hold his bottle!
...but he still drops it alot so Caydin came to the rescue with a blanket to help keep the bottle from falling. :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Brotherly Love

Somehow, our sweet little guy turned 5 months old a few days ago. 
I'm not really sure how that happened.
But I do know...
That Wyatt loves his big brother!
Caydin loves his little brother!
I love this picture! I think they look alike. Same chin and same big dimple on the one side.
Wyatt does everything on his belly these days.  Not great for the tummy and spitting up, but oh well.
I'll post his 5 month pictures soon. They were H.A.R.D to take!
Crazy little roller!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My trick to getting good pictures....

a million!
A few are sure to come out good!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Missing Basket Mystery!

Caydin is a HUGE fan of Busytown right now.  If you don't know, its based on Richard Scarry books/characters.  Each show, the characters have to solve a mystery.  So on Easter morning, Caydin had to solve his own mystery! It turned out SOOOO GOOD, like sooooo much better than the glow-in-the-dark egg hunt idea.. I wonder who's idea that was.... anyways.  When Rob asked Caydin if the Easter bunny came, Caydin ran to the front room, looked in the area where he thought it should be and said, rather depressingly, "The Easter bunny didn't come." Heartbreaking.  After a few moments of whining, I lead him back to the front home and helped him find the note on the front door that the Easter bunny left.  He asked me to read it and was excited to solve the mystery!!! We grabbed our shoes and headed outside to look for the mystery easter baskets! 
"Look!! Footprints!"
Caydin had to follow the Easter bunny footprints all around the yard.  He kept yelling "More footprints!!" and "Look, footprints over there!"
Finally!! He found the missing baskets!
Then we spent time relaxing in the toy room looking at all the goodies that the Easter bunny brought the boys.  Everyone had such a good morning!
Even Wy got a few new toys in his basket! He wasn't so into the Easter bunny footprints but I know next year, he will be and will join in the fun! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Wyatt

Monday, April 9, 2012

"I wish.. I wish.. To be a Fish!"

Grandma and Grandpa's pool is warm enough to swim in again!!! Caydin has been asking to swim in it for weeks! So after a hot day of working out in the yard last weekend (April 2nd), Grandpa decided to go for a swim.  Caydin, of course, was in there about 5 seconds after we asked him if he wanted to join!  Thank goodness for pool gates that lock, for without the gates I'm sure we'd have a little swimmer everyday of the year!!
Even Wy got on his little swimsuit and went for a splash!  He loves bathtime but wasn't so sure about the chilly pool water... especially when Grandpa let drops of chilly water run down his back!