Saturday, June 28, 2014

Giraffes and bestests!

Last weekend we headed over to the zoo to see our bestests and meet our newest mini bestest! They were running a little late (dang doctor appointment) so the boys and I did a little exploring.  We headed to our favorite spot first - the giraffes! 

Taking pictures of your kids while they feed a GIRAFFE never gets old!

While we loved seeing the giraffes, we loved seeing our friends more! Landen and Caydin have been hanging out since they were newborns! Caydin gets so excited to see Landen! :)  It's hard to believe that they will both be 6 in a couple weeks! Before we know it, we will be posting their newborn playdate picture next to their high school graduation picture!  SLOW DOWN TIME!

To make the day EVEN better, we got to see Annabelle!  She slept the entire time we were at the zoo but I got to hold her for a little bit during lunch! Can't wait to see her again!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The reason why I never blog....

This sweet boy. 


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Playgroup Beach Trip 2014

Ooooh how we love our annual Playgroup beach weekend!
This year, we headed to Disney's Vero Beach Resort and had the BEST time!
4 full days of fun in the sun!
On our first beach weekend (3 years ago!) Arwen was only about 6 weeks old! I think I was pregnant (just barely) with Wyatt!
Can't believe how time flies!
This trip started with a visit from the water guy aka Ava and Arwen's Uncle Chris!
Then we did our first night tradition of walking along the beach with our normal (as opposed to swim suits) cloths on.  I couldn't help by comment on how EASY it was to get group pictures this year! Unbelievable! 

After our beach walk, it was time for baths and then a movie - FROZEN of course!  I was again shocked that all 6 kids were sitting in one spot, quiet, and watching the movie! That NEVER happens!  I thought it was so sweet that everyone had their blankets and stuffed animals out for the movie.  So sweet.
Day 2: Yucky weather! We spent a little time at the pool but my boys weren't diggin' the chilly weather.  They are used to bathtub like water at Grandma's pool.  We changed clothes and hung out at the playground instead.
After lunch, the big kids went to the UNbirthday Party (if it wasn't your birthday, you were invited!)  They had so much fun!  Then we spent couple hours in the pool!
On this day, we saw a rocket leave Kennedy Space Center!  We had a great view!  We also went to the resort's campfire at night and listened to songs and roasted marshmallows! 

On Day 3: We ate breakfast with Donald Duck and Goofy.  Wyatt hated Donald Duck but gave a "high-five" to Goofy.  Caydin doesn't prefer to be around characters but will take a picture if asked! :)
After breakfast, we headed to the beach.  It was a GREAT morning.  A little windy.  The waves were rough so we didn't go into the water much but all 6 kids LOVED playing in the sand.  I think we stayed out there for about 3 hours.  Andrea/Shiv had the awesome idea to bring a little kiddie pool to the beach.  We put some water in there and the kids were HAPPY as can be!

Both Wyatt and Caydin napped every afternoon while on our trip!  Wyatt usually woke up with awesome hair! HAH!

On Day 4: We played a game of mini-golf then went swimming in the pool.  We ate lunch pool-side before packing up and heading home! 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Sunday... rain day!

It rained most of Sunday. Like really rained.  Which was good. Because my parents had to empty then re-fill a lot of the pool water.  Everyone got a little bored.  Including my dad.
Chunky monkey here wasn't bored though.  She had lots of crazy boys to watch.
After awhile, the boys went outside in the rain.  Uncle Travis must of told them to use the buckets as protective head gear.  Super funny.  They both walked around the porch like that for awhile. 
Silly boys!

After filling the pool all day Sunday and some of the morning on Monday, we hope to get back in the water soon soon soon!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Goggles, a new float, and a sick boy!

On Sunday the 25th, the boys were little swimming machines! Caydin is a PRO at diving now so we got him a pair of goggles!
Wyatt, as you know, wants to be BIG and swim in the deep water so he got a new float.  He isn't a huge fan of it because he can't get it to go where he wants it to go! HA! But I think it's super cute!

On Monday the 26th, Wyatt woke up sick.  He has always been a pro-puker...  Amazingly enough, he managed to keep his "spit-up" in the red bowl every time but once.  You might remember that Wyatt spit up almost daily (and sometimes many times a day) from the time he was born until he turned 10 months old.  We always know to beware when he isn't feeling well.  Both boys now refer to throw up as spit up, which I find really funny!
He stopped spitting up around 1:45 pm and was fine (but tired) the rest of the day.  Definitely not the Memorial Day that we planned but I got lots of cuddles and snuggles that day!


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I am so blessed.

I have the most amazing family and friends!
A few weeks ago, I turned... COUGH, COUGH, 30.
My actual birthday was on a Wednesday so we didn't do much to celebrate.  The boys have their gym classes so the plan was to go there.  Katie surprised me at the gym with a new Pandora bracelet and my first Pandora charm!  I was so excited!
Then on Friday, we had plans to get ice cream with a close friend and head home to play afterwards.  I even had plans to go out with friends that night.
WELL I GOT THE SURPRISE OF MY LIFE when I walked into the house and found all my family and friends there!
So many people knew about the surprise party and no one gave the secret away.  That right there, should be surprising!  After the surprise, I learned that my sister and close friend Andrea had been planning it for weeks... and it was a facebook event! HA!  I laughed when I heard that they had to make all kinds of changes because they were hoping to set up while Caydin was at soccer... only soccer ended the week before the party. :)  Andrea pulled it off with the trip to the ice cream shop though!!!
Looking back, there were a few things that I could of picked up on... like my mom had my house really CLEAN after school on Friday.  And Caydin saw Travis' and Shiv's trucks on our street when we were heading home from the ice cream shop.  HAHA!
I had such a great evening drinking sangria's and hanging out with all my favorite people!  My favorite work friend even got me a new Pandora charm! Can't wait to add more!


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Big Day at School!

The year is coming to an end.  I'm not sure how that happened.  I've been out of the classroom for an entire school year now! While I miss teaching A LOT, I've loved getting to see Caydin do and experience new things at school.  I get to see him walking in line, eating in the lunchroom, hanging out with friends at the playground.  I would never of gotten to see those things had I been in the classroom. 
This past Friday, Caydin got to attend the Math Fact Masters pizza party during lunch.  I got to be there to see him get his certificate. :)
Friday was also a big day for Caydin because he got his NED yo-yo.  Caydin has wanted the yo-yo since the NED show came to school.  But dang, it was $7 for one yo-yo!  Caydin decided to use his own money to buy it.  He kept his money safe in his pocket until it was time to buy the yo-yo.  What a big decision to make for a little boy.  He is pretty much horrible at yo-yo-ing but he is so proud of the fact that he bought it with his own money.

Friday was ALSO important because we brought in cupcakes and party hats to share with the kids in his class.  Caydin was so excited that it was finally his time to eat cupcakes.  I got to be there! Perks of the job! :)
We called it his pretend birthday party since he actual birthday isn't until the end of the July.
Happy pretend birthday to my ALMOST 1st grader!


Monday, June 2, 2014

Wyatt just wants to be BIG!

If you call Wyatt a baby in front of him, be prepared to hear him say - "I'M NOT A BABY, I'M WYATT JACKSON MOORE."  It is probably the cutest thing ever and he says it ALL THE TIME. He also doesn't like to be called little.  If you ask Wyatt how old he is... he NEVER says two, he usually always says four (sometimes he says five or six).  At first, I thought he did it just because he didn't know his numbers but now I am convinced that he does it because he really thinks he is older than 2.
When we started swimming this summer, we told Wyatt that he wasn't allowed to cross the brown line (that separates the shallow sun deck area from the deeper section) unless a grown-up is in the water.  He was doing great with that until he continued to see Caydin and the big boys jumping into the deeper section and swimming all over.  He decided he wanted to swim too. 
He isn't quite swimming on his own yet (but don't tell him that - he's BIG... remember!) So we've had to come up with some ways for him to swim with the big kids.