Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (almost)

***Rob says I take after my mother....

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Seriously, WHO IS THIS CHILD?!?!?!

Just kidding.... HE'S ALL MINE!!!!!
Haircut number 4 today. I expected lots of tears and screaming and all that goes with it.... but NOTHING. He sat like a good boy, watched TV, and every once in awhile looked in the mirror to see what his hair stylist was doing! He went from a baby to a big boy in 10 minutes flat!!!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Grandpa Photo and Soccer Practice

If you can't read the shirt, it says "My grandpa has more tools than your grandpa." Haha, we got it for Caydin this past Father's Day!

We woke up to beautiful (in the 60's) weather today so it was a perfect day to send Caydin outside. I pulled out his new soccer ball and goal that he got for Christmas. Let's just say that the boy is A BIT confused as too the whole concept of soccer! He did enjoy carrying the goal around and got really good at carrying the goal to wherever the ball was and putting the goal on top of the ball!!!

Here is he tossing the ball into the goal. Haha! Still a bit confused as to the point of soccer :)

He pushed the goal over to get the ball out :)
Maybe we'll put the goal away until summertime!!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day Pictures

A post with more "action" shots coming tomorrow!!!

{still in shock that we got a GOOD family photo in front of the tree... only because Rob hates pictures and Caydin doesn't like to smile when the camera comes out!!!}

{in love with Aunt Katie!!!}

{another photo with Rob in it!!! WOW!!!}

17 Months

Dear Caydin,

Happy 17 months!! Don't worry, mama didn't forget... We all just got super busy with Christmas and family visiting. And sorry about not having a picture this month, mama sort of clicked a button on the old laptop and the screen went blue. Oops. And to top that off, Mama didn't save the last month of pictures to the external hardrive yet so we lost a lot of pictures. I'm sure you're wondering what an external hardrive is.... but don't worry... it's really not that important now that I DON'T have my pictures on it! Grandpa took the old laptop to Virginia with him to see if he could fix it and save our pictures.

Christmas was a few days ago, you had lots of fun playing with your new toys. You were amazed by all the packages under the christmas tree but for some reason you didn't want to unwrap the gifts yourself so you played with everyone else's christmas stuff until we got your stuff opened! You really liked the flashlights and mama's new scrapbook container!

At 17 months, you dance to any song you hear... it can be a commerical on the TV or a song that one of your toys does... you don't care.. you hear it and you stop to dance!

You are saying lots of new words... like car, truck, house, shoe, and go. Your new favorite thing to say is "choo-choo" and you say it anytime you see a train, car, or truck. If it has wheels, you think its a choo-choo. You point at everything and are following directions better. You like to help throw things away (even if the object doesn't belong in the trash... like my sock this morning).

You climb on EVERYTHING. Nuff said.

I love when you give hugs and kisses. You kissed everyone at Christmas, numerous times! I also love that you say bye-bye and wave at naptime and bedtime. Then you lay down and go right to sleep, as if you've been waiting for a nap for hours :) It's the best!

Love you little dude!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve present Uncle Jay and Auntie Jen came to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Uncle Jay helped up together Caydin's christmas eve gift... A FisherPrice Little People's Amusement park.
Caydin loves it!!!

Caydin's Santa picture framed and matted! It is just that good!

Daddy and Caydin on Christmas Eve!

Caydin and Landen

Our bestests came for a visit! Caydin and Landen had they MUST-HAVE together photo... :)
Landen begged Rob for some BBQ chicken (and Rob loved it because Landen said "please" and "thank-you" in sign-language).

It was a great day, the boys played outside!
Caydin took a liking to an old Playstation controller and Landen took a liking to my cellphone!

Both boys always wanted what they other boy was playing with, the teacher pointer was another favorite.

They also enjoyed this brush/comb box!

Landen did some combing :)

Baby hugs!

We haven't done a mommies and babies picture in a long time!!!!

We love our visits with Catherine and Landen!!!!
December 23, 2009

Visiting Santa

December 20, 2009Eating Lunch... apparently Santa has to eat lunch too and wasn't in his spot when we got to the mall!
Caydin really really really enjoyed Santa.... can't you tell?!?! Kidding. He did NOT want to sit on Santa's lap this year. Sorry Santa.
Mommy and Caydin talking to Santa.. Mama did most of the talking...
Grandma, Caydin, and Grandpa (see, the tears didn't last long!)

Caydin and Mama at the mall.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Imagine this... A sweet, handsome, do-no-wrong boy attempting to open his Christmas gifts 5 days early!!!!
NO WAY!!!! Not this guy!!!
Afterall, he wasn't opening it...

He was just practicing!

***In other news, before I forget... Caydin's new words this week are: balloon, shoe, soup, go, and three (as in one, two, three). Note that none of the words are pronounced correctly :) except for shoe... that one he says pretty good and he is not very consistent with using them. (Again, shoe is the exception... he points or brings me a shoe and says shoe without prompting.)
This evening I was getting ready to put Caydin down to bed for the night and I asked him "Where is your lovey?" He looked for it, then pointed right to it when he found it.
Doesn't sound like much but we were pretty impressed so I thought I would share.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


are NO

Last Christmas

My little guy
one year ago!
Christmas 2008

Saturday, December 19, 2009


It's not often that you get on my blog to find a post about my days at school. Mainly because the blog is dedicated to all things Caydin... and alittle bit because I don't always enjoy my days at school. Having 20 6/7 year olds in a classroom all day can be exhausting if you know what I am. BUT I'm now on my two week winter vacation so I, of course, think teaching is AWESOME right now. Seriously, what other job gives you a winter vacation and the summer off, not to mention all the little holidays inbetween.
On Thursday, we celebrated making it half way through the school year with a holiday party. The kids were so excited and so eager to do fun things. Probably because I've been threatening to cancel the party all week if they didn't stop all the talking (hehe).
So we celebrated with pizza and movies, chips and drinks, fun winter activities and lots of talking. The big hit of the party this year was making gingerbread houses out of icing, graham crackers, and candy. Check out some of their creations! None of them looked like a gingerbread house but they all had fun making a mess and eating as they worked!

(check out the amount of candy on top! - WOW!)

My personal favorite... seriously! What 7 year old thinks to make a car out of a broken graham cracker?!?! The little boy who made this is also one of the lowest in my class and struggles with reading and math daily. It amazed me to see how focused and determined he was to make his gingerbread house and create this car. Now if only all of my days could be filled with activities like this that can keep him focused and help him learn!

I'm pretty sure that I shouldn't post pictures of my kids doing all these fun things... for safety and privacy reasons but you can get a good idea of the craziness and fun that went on in my class on Thursday. And see all those presents with the bows on top?!?!

One of my EXCELLENT parents got gifts for every student and wrote a card/letter from Santa. She dropped them off when the kids were at Special areas so everyone was super excited to see the gifts and read the letter (telling them to be good) after they got back. I had already given the kids my gifts for them so they really did believe that the gifts were from Santa and not from me.