Friday, April 29, 2011

Only my child......

....would thank EVERYONE he knows while taking a bath tonight.  He never told me why he was thanking people but it was so cute to hear him go through a list of people he knew.  "Thank you Tee-tee." "Thank you Ava."  "Thank you Grandma."  He probably listed about 15 people before stopping! 

Today, Caydin also told me that he was not "Tai-wee", he was "recycling boy."  You should see how difficult it is to find something to recycle every 5 minutes. HA!  He does however know the color green and orange and I'm pretty sure it's because of the recycling bins in our garage!

Caydin also cleaned his room today.  It wasn't pretty when he was done, not pretty at all!

Caydin stayed with a close friend for a few hours yesterday and today because Grandma is out of town.  It was his first time away from us (ie someone in our family).  He did great and didn't even blink twice when his daddy dropped him off.  He was so excited to spend time with his buddy Ava and I was so excited to see his smiles when I picked him up!  We are so thankful to have friends nearby who are always willing to help when we need it! :)

Here are some pictures I took a couple days ago!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Easter

Our Easter started off pretty rough! Caydin had a rough night and was up a few times.  I didn't feel so great.  Lucky for us, we didn't have any plans for Sunday morning, only plans for dinner Sunday evening with family at our house. 

Caydin had a pretty stuffy nose so I ran to the store to get some cold medicine.  Then we just laid around all morning and played with Caydin.  We watched a few TV shows.  We didn't even dye eggs like I planned or get out the easter basket. Oops!

You know Caydin doesn't feel well when he asks to take a nap.  He told me he was cold and pointed to his little goosebumps.  I asked if he wanted to get under his blankets and he was asleep like 2 minutes later! Score!

Sunday afternoon, my mom, Katie, and Elyse came over.  Caydin was in a pretty good mood and ham-ed it up for Elyse and Katie.  He came up with a new version of "Wheels on the Bus" and both Elyse and Katie thought it was funny so Caydin did it over and over and over again.  It went something like.... "The wheels on the AHH go AHH AHH AHH"... Then he would start randomly putting AHH's all over the place when singing.  Funny dude.

We all enjoyed our dinner and Caydin enjoyed his easter baskets!

 {he asked to water the flowers but got more water on himself than the flowers... so we had to do a clothing change!}

Monday, April 25, 2011

"KoBe, don't eat the toys!"

On Saturday, I yelled at KoBe to stop eating Caydin's toys.  Of course, Caydin then yelled at KoBe to stop eating his toys (you know, since he copies everything that we say and do!)
I walked out of the room and came back a minute later to find this:

Yes, my friends.... My child is chewing on his own toys! HAHAH! Poor Miss KoBe, who needs to be groomed like crazy, wasn't chewing/eating on a thing!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Big Boy Bed Update!

Well, we threatened to bring back the crib.... but we didn't need too!  Caydin has been doing very well in his bed.  He's enjoying this freedom to play when it's supposed to be bedtime.  We usually hear him playing with cars or throwing his blankets around. 

One night, I thought he was asleep but heard him call for mommy at 11 pm.  I went in to find about 30 HotWheels cars in his bed!

Last night, we heard him playing with his "elmo wants to be a chicken" toy (you know, the one where Elmo is dressed in a chicken suit and dances and sings when you push the button on its foot!)  Later that evening, I found him sleeping in a little ball near the door, next to his Elmo toy!  So sweet!

We are having trouble getting him to go back to sleep in his bed when he wakes up in the middle of the night (insert grrrrr here!)  He tends to want to sleep in Mommy's bed when he wakes up during the night.  Sometimes I let him :)  Rob has been sick this week so he is hanging out in the guest room.  I know I better stop this need for Caydin to sleep in our bed before Rob gets better.  3 of us just won't fit in our bed! LOL!

On a happy note, Caydin is napping well in his big boy bed!  Both at our house and at Grandma's! THANK GOODNESS! :)

Sorry, no pictures.  I have not picked up my camera all week!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Caydin loves.....

 ...splashing in the pool.
 ...sitting by the pool.
 ...getting spit on by the lions.
 ...playing with his grandma.
 ...getting Grandpa wet!
 ...sitting in the water.
...dumping water like a dump truck!

Are you seeing a trend here?!?!?!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Big Bed News (and pictures of Lowry Park!)

I have so much to blog about.... and tons of pictures from last weekend to share.  I'm glad that we have had a slow weekend this weekend.  We all needed the rest and relaxation.  (Well I know I did! Rob had to work this weekend so I'm sure he's not feeling the same way!)

The biggest news this weekend is that we finally converted Caydin's crib into a toddler bed.  We I planned to change it over at the beginning of Spring Break but Caydin wasn't sleeping well that week and had trouble falling asleep at night.  Some nights, he was awake until 11 or later! It was crazy! We changed his naptime around, mainly by making it shorter and making sure he went down for nap earlier and he hasn't had any problems since.

Rob was a bit against changing over his bed.  Caydin has never tried to get out of his crib and seems to love it very much.  I, on the other hand, was starting to worry that he'd still be in a crib at 4 or 6 or even 7. Hahaha!  So while Rob was closing at work last night, I asked my dad to change over the bed. 

Caydin got a new car pillow case for his pillow and we changed out his bed sheets.  He was pretty excited.  We called it his "big boy" bed and he proudly told us that he wasn't a baby, he was a big boy.  When bedtime came, he wanted to play and joke around.  I had to tell him that he either went to bed or went to time out.  Well him picked time out a few times but each time, cried to be back in his bed!  And that was that.  He didn't try to get out of bed afterwards.  I called for me twice, but just wanted to be tucked into bed better.  He was asleep before his Tad stopped singing! He stayed asleep until 8:15 this morning!!

Rob and I were both worried that naps would end when we switched to the toddler bed, but todays nap was just as easy as last night.  He didn't try to get up out of bed once.  So excited for this new milestone!  (I think Caydin is just excited about a new place to jump off of!)

And now for pictures of Lowry Zoo!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Playgroup takes over Dino Quest

Sunday morning, we headed to the Lowry Park zoo.  We started with Dino Quest.  None of us knew what to expect but Ava loves dinosaurs so we HAD to visit!
 Then we saw this sign...  Maybe Dino Quest wasn't such a great idea :) We walked through a destroyed city, full of dinosaur noises and broken lightpoles!  All the kids got a little scared!
 Sweet Ava had to hold onto her heart.... it must of been beating really fast! ;)
 And my kid.... he quickly walked away.  I'm pretty sure they all wanted out of there!
 Then we passed through a not-so-scary section and the kids really liked seeing all the dinosaurs.  Caydin liked the dinosaur that was spitting on everyone!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Bet you didn't know we've been planning a fun, fun weekend for Caydin!  We met up with a bunch of our playgroup friends for a fun-filled weekend.  We started Caydin's special weekend with a trip to see Thomas.  After a 2 hour car ride {Caydin did great, he talked for awhile and then took an unexpected nap! - maybe he's turning into a little traveler!}  We met Sir Topham Hatt first.  Caydin isn't much of a character hugging kid but he did pretty well.  Shoot, we watch Thomas videos EVERY day so he's almost BFF with Sir Topham Hatt!
 We saw lots of toy trains, a miniature golf set-up {Caydin thought golf was similiar to errr...  baseball... he thought you just beat the poop out of the ball until it went somewhere}, bounce houses, and tons of kids in Thomas tee's!  After some playtime and lots and lots of fluids {it was stinkin hot!} we headed over to get in line for our Thomas ride.  The daddies all did a great job of "spot holding" while the mommies took the kids around to all the activities!
 We took a 25ish minute train ride with Thomas.  Caydin thought it was pretty cool.  We saw vegetable fields, cows, and a few tractors!  Caydin was grinning from ear to ear when Mr. Shiv and Mrs. Andrea sang the Thomas theme song.  I'm pretty sure that if he had the vocab, he would of been questioning as to why Mommy and Daddy don't know the song! LOL!

Caydin and his buddies definitely enjoyed seeing and riding Thomas.  The only thing we didn't enjoy was the heat and sunburns! We ended the afternoon with a mini-train ride before we headed to our hotel!

Stay tuned for part 2!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday - Rain Days

 {rain doesn't stop this guy from riding his bike!}
{only Thomas can stop him!}

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Crazy Busy Life!

We've had a busy couple of weeks!! Every week is busy but lately, things are crazy busy!  Last week was Spring Break.  The beginning of the week was pretty laid back... lots of rain and time at home.  The end of the week was busy with trips out of the house!  I have tons of pictures but they are all sitting on the computer still!  Friday was a trip to Sea World, Saturday, we spent the morning at the zoo with the Mentillo's, and on Sunday, we hung out with Aunt Tee-tee and Grandma at Magic Kingdom!  Woah! Busy!

Here are some pictures from an afternoon outside last week:
 {Monkey see, monkey do!}
Caydin knows that he is not allowed in the street.  He gets an automatic time-out when he runs into the street.  So when Rob was watching a car drive down the road, Caydin couldn't resist putting his feet in the SAME EXACT POSITION as his daddy! PS. He didn't get time-out! I'm pretty sure we created a monster! LOL!
 When Katie cleared out the bushes in her front yard, Rob brought home a big rose bush {I think they are some type of rose!} He split the bush into two and planted them in big pots.  They finally started to flower and are oh-so-pretty!
 Caydin is the street-watchman.  He knows each and every car on our street and lets us all know when one is coming down the road!

I'm addicted to plaid shorts.  Have I mentioned that before?!?! It's true. AN ADDICTION.  Luckily, my mom shares the addiction!  There aren't very many options when it comes to little boy clothes... Plaid makes the boy clothing so much cuter!