Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Afternoon!

After a yummy breakfast of homemade waffles and Uncle Jay's casserole, it was time to open presents!  Caydin, of course, was the king of the hour... as everyone watched him open presents and get really excited.  He got lots of great gifts, including a scooter, an imaginext helicopter, some books and games, and a camera!  He also got the black dump truck and the digger that he asked Santa for!  (There wasn't any mud under the tree like requested... but we have some in the garage!)  Little Wy-guy slept through all the activities but he got some good gifts too - lots of toys for him to use in a couple months!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Morning!

The tree was all ready for Caydin to wake up!  Out of habit, Caydin woke up around 8:30 am and came to our room.   I said something like "Do you know what today is!?!?!" and Caydin responded with "Monday!" - hahah - it was actually Sunday! Then Rob asked "Did Santa come see you?!?"  and Caydin looked around then responded "No, he not come see me."  I think he expected Santa to come to our house and talk or play with him.  We took him to the living room and he got a big smile on his face and said "WOW!"  At school, he learned to recognize his name so he started searching the presents looking for his name.  He did a really good job finding his name! Though, Santa made it pretty easy and put most of Caydin's gifts on one side!   We let him open one gift before everyone got up and came over.  He was excited when he opened up his gift and it was a big Car transporter for his Hotwheels/Matchbox cars.  OH and Santa woke him a letter! :)

Annual Christmas morning Tree/presents picture!  Grandma saved the day with her "helicopter" silly voice!  So excited to have another little boy to share the picture this Christmas! :)

Our Christmas Eve

Daddy had to work really early on Christmas Eve so he came home and took a nap.  While he was resting, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Jay, Auntie Jen, and cousin Jay came over.  We had a fun afternoon at home.  After awhile, Aunt Tee-tee and her boyfriend, Travis came over.  We had ham, sweet potatoes, celery (my fav!) and lots of other food for dinner.  Caydin found his cousins toy Hess truck and played with it all evening long. 

Before bed, Caydin and mommy wrote a letter to Santa, put out some cookies (made by Aunt Julie) and milk and headed to bed to read a million and two Christmas stories.  Perks of being an elementary schhol teacher!  It took awhile to get Caydin to sleep, though that didn't really surprise us!
After Caydin finally fell asleep, everyone played Blokus.  Sadly, Caydin woke up around 12:30 am with a terrible cough and stuffy nose.  He sounded terrible and probably felt horrible.  We gave him some medicine and let him lay down in our bed for awhile.  Poor big boy.. he would cough, then cry, then repeat.  Luckily that only lasted for about an hour before he fell asleep again.  Uncle Jay and Daddy stayed up late playing checkers... a Christmas Eve tradition for them.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Excited about Christmas Eve!

Hooray for both boys napping -- maybe I can get caught up on a few blogs before one or both wake up!

Don't get too excited - I'm not posting them all at the same time! I figure I better spread them out over a couple days incase I don't get a chance to get online again!  (Heck - I'm excited if I get to shower before 5 pm!!)

I go back to work on Tuesday! Eeeek! Is it bad if I'm already counting down the days until Spring Break?!? Actually I'm excited to head back! I love being home but I love working too!

Anyways, little man is starting to smile every once in awhile.  On Christmas Eve, he smiled and played around with his mouth for about 20 minutes while laying on the floor.  Not only was I excited that he was playing on the floor and happy...  but he was smiling too! :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wyatt is 1 month old!

What an exciting month for our little Wy-guy!  Being born right before the "busiest time of the year" definitely has it's perks... and its downfalls... like Mommy not having the time to take his "one-month" pictures until this morning (only 3 days late!) Ooops! Next month, I will be better - I promise!

In the past month, Wyatt has...
...celebrated Thanksgiving!
...attended playgroups!
...gone shopping to Target (twice!) and Kohls (once!)
...been to a couple doctors appointments.
...met and suggled with Santa!
...been held and loved by grandparents, aunts and uncles!
...graduated to 4 oz bottles.
...graduated to 0-3 month and 3 month clothing.
...had 2 shtos (one while in the hospital and the other at his one month appointment).

At one month, Wyatt weighed 9 pounds 6 ounces.  One pound over his birth weight!  One ounce over what his big brother was at the same age!  He no longer fits into his newborn sized onesies so we knew he was growing!!  He measured at 21 3/4 inches so he is getting taller (errr longer?) too!

At one month, Wyatt is drinking mostly mommy's milk.  He also gets one (and sometimes two) bottles of formula a day.  He drinks about 3 to 4 oz in his bottles.  We just switched to the drop-in bottles as opposed to the newborn Medela bottles that we were using. 

At one month, Wyatt is still sleeping lots!  He has lots of awake time followed by lots of sleeptime.  He is waking up twice a night.  I usually try to get him asleep by 10:30 so I can go to bed.  Then he will usually sleep for about 5 hours and wakes up again around 3 or 3:30.  After that, he is up every 2 to 3 hours.  He loves to nap on his belly whether its on a person or in the boppy.  At night, he sleeps in the pack-n-play in our room.  He wakes up sooner if we lay him flat on his back.  Sometimes he will sleep in the swing.  He doesnt like it to be turned on though!

At one month, Wyatt is very alert!  He loves to be held though and doesnt care much for the swing or bouncy chair.  He likes to lay his back and wiggle and kick.  He can see things in front of him and will track things and people with his eyes.  He has never cried in the bathtub.  Loves it!  He only cries when you take him out of the tub!

Happy 1 month little guy!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


We took the boys to see Santa on Monday.  Caydin has been watching shows about him and we've been reading lots of books to get him ready!  Well he did great!!!!!!!  We waited in line for about 20 minutes only because Santa was on a break.  We were the first ones there so Caydin got to take everything in... Santas chair.. all the pretend presents.. the man taking the pictures..

When Santa arrived, Caydin walked right up to him was a big "hi!" and climbed on his lap.  We put Wyatt in Santa's other arm and Caydin started telling Santa what he wanted.  Caydin has seriously said he wa going to ask for the SAME three items for the last 2 months! "A black dump truck, a digger, and mud."

When he told Santa the 3 things, Santa looked up at me a little confused..  Caydin said "A dump truck, a digger, and mud."  again.  I asked Santa if he has ever had a little boy ask for mud and he said "Well its a first but I definitely can see why you need mud... for the dump truck."  So Caydin was all excited!

After a few pictures, Caydin hopped off and Santa spent some quality time with Wyatt.  :)  After a picture of just Wyatt and Santa, Grandma went over to get Wyatt but Santa wanted to hold him longer!  Santa told Grandma to go look at the pictures while he cuddled with our "grumpy old man!"  So sweet! Santa did a great job of getting Wyatt to sleep so we offered to take Santa home with us!

As we walked away, Santa yelled to Caydin, "I'm not going to forget your mud!"  Cool points for Santa - Caydin is now in love with him!

On the drive home, Caydin wanted to turn around so he could go see Santa again.  Then he asked questions about when he is coming and if Santa can come to his house or not. 

Such a huge difference from our visit last year with Santa(s).  The first time we saw Santa - Caydin cried and refused to sit with him... The second time, Santa was sneaky and pulled him onto his lap and we got a not-so-thrilled picture of Caydin!

Christmas Photos!

Monday, December 19, 2011

School update!

Caydin is enjoying his class at school.  They have been doing lots of holiday activities lately!  One of his teachers made these crayons for all the kids - Caydin really likes coloring with it.... I take that back... He really likes asking me to draw things for him!!!
 At school, they made Christmas trees and added popcorn as a decoration.  They talked about how people used to decorate trees with popcorn in the past.  They have also been working on triangles and numbers at school this week.  It's so fun to hear my child count with me... you know..  when I'm doing the whole "If I get to 5, you are going to time out..." method..  It goes something like this... "Caydin, I want the toys in your room before I get to five.. ONE.. (Then you hear Caydin say TWO) Then I say TWO (and you hear Caydin yell THREE)... It's great fun!
He counts to 20 pretty much all the time now and recognizes a few of the numbers under 10. 
 At home, we've been doing some activities with Christmas related clipart.  We've been sorting wreaths by their size (small, medium, and large) and have been putting numbers in order to create a picture.  We've been talking about letters again and are starting over with the letter Aa - we talk about the letter, sound, and practice writing it!!  We usually do "school" activities during/after dinner.  Caydin enjoys the one-on-one time and is learning at the same time.  Win-win!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Life with 2 boys equals....

.... lots of picture opportunities around here! 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Park and Play

Caydin has been asking a lot to go to the park so we loaded Wyatt into the stroller and headed out a few days ago.  My hope is that Wyatt will nap (haha!) and Caydin will wear himself out so that he will take a good nap when we get home!  Wyatt was really fussy on this day.  Our park has a big sidewalk going all the way around the playground set so Caydin uses it like a racetrack.  I said "On your mark.. get set.. GO!" a bunch!
(showing off his fast running shoes...)
sleeping baby for ohhhh about 5 minutes! He "raced" around the track too... i.e. keeping the stroller moving so he would close his eyes again!
Lovey was happy to see Caydin when we got home... or was it the opposite way around ;)
Wyatt discovered the ladybug toy and was swinging his little arm at it! It might be hard to tell in the pictures though (don't worry - I have 20 more of him doing the same thing... )

Friday, December 16, 2011

My mom makes me wear silly hats....

...she says I need a picture in them before my head gets too big.  She said I don't have to wear them when we are out in public though.... because its like 80 degrees outside all the time.
P.S.  I'm starting to like my bouncy chair every once in awhile!  I'll sit in for about 10 minutes at a time now. 
This warm (but silly) hat must of made me take a nap!
Don't I look handsome?!?!
Love, Wyatt