Monday, November 29, 2010

Potty Training {Take 1}

Alternative Title:  Potty Trouble {Take 1}

Caydin has always been an easy going kid... easy to put down for naps and bed, easy to get rid of bottles, easy to toss out the pacifiers, and even pretty easy to feed (as long as you don't throw too many new foods on his plate!)  But MAN OH MAN.... he is not easy going when it comes to potty training.  We started back in June.... and he just wasn't ready.  We tried again in August... and its then that he started to refuse to even sit on the potty.  Sooooo, here we are in November.  I thought we might of figured it out!
 We figured out that he would do just about anything for M&M's and lollipops! 
 And soooooo, he gave in and sat on the potty 3 times on Saturday.  He learned that if he got off the potty, his lollipops went away.
 And life was great.....
 Until Sunday.....
when he refused to sit on the potty again.  He threw mega tantrums each time we asked him to go to the potty because he wanted the lollipops but didn't want to sit down..... 

Here's to hoping Potty Training {Take 2} turns out better!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankful (part 2)!

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for all the yummy food my sister made (and all the left overs I got to bring home!)
 I'm thankful for my family.

 But most importantly, I'm thankful for this little guy.... who may or may not be half animal....
 ....and who may or may not... lick the couch on a daily basis!
But seriously, I am soooooo thankful! :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - KoBe love :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Art with Markers (and other random things!)

Caydin has been soooo into coloring with markers lately.  Somedays, he will try so hard to get into his booster chair so that he can do markers at the kitchen table.  Once in his chair, he will sit for a really long time and color scribble away.  He really likes the coloring book he got from his bestest because the pictures are all vehicle related and not so busy (just one picture per page!)

He can now correctly identify things that are yellow and brown (most of the time!)  For awhile there, EVERYTHING was always yellow (and I mean EVERYTHING!) so we were starting to wonder if he was color-blind or something... but he is starting to say lots of color words.  Now things are usually always yellow first, then he'll say white, black, red, or green.  

We also know that Caydin can count to 9 (though he usually leaves off the number 4) and does a really good job at counting objects.  

He will tell me if things are big or little (usually he will say "baby" for little).  

He picks out what shirt he wants and is picky with his socks.  Today I grabbed plain ol' white socks and his shoes and asked him to come sit down.  He didn't listen and instead went to pick out a green pair of football socks (they didn't match AT ALL!)  Then sat down nicely and let me put his socks and shoes on!

He is getting to be a very demanding little guy! "Mommy come play." "Daddy this way." "Kitty cat come down!" "No, that way."  "Mommy outside."  "Daddy read book." .... are all pretty common phrases around our house!

Now for marker pictures!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Tag Jr.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This kid....

...knows how to make a mess.... and is super cute about doing it :)
P.S. Caydin thinks his train table is just about the coolest thing in the world.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Name issues...

Mommy: "What is your name?"

Caydin: "Name Tay-we" (as his points to himself)

'Nuff said!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I never climb into Caydin's bed with him to play. Nope. Never. He surely doesn't think its the best thing ever!

 I also was NOT told the other night when he woke up around midnight, "Mommy lay there" (as Caydin points to the floor by his bed.)  Since that didn't happen, I DEFINITELY was not handed a little car pillow to lay on.  Man, he is smart!
 ....and just because he's cute.... some fall/winter attire! Oh and his sweet Gator friend. 
Have you hugged a gator today?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Where is Caydin?!?!

Caydin's found a love for playing in his bed... when it isn't nap or bedtime!  He loves to pretend to sleep and will ask for the light to be off and the door to be closed.  He'll snuggle under his blankets and throw a fit when you decide that playing-in-the-bed-time is over.  He's just about ready for the big boy bed (maybe we'll switch it over Christmas break?!?!) and loves his big boy CAR room!! 

At bedtime, you're sure to hear Caydin say "Bye bye Mommy" and "I love you Mommy" and ask for about 300 books to be read to him.  His first bedtime book is ALWAYS "Color Train, Color Train" and the 2nd book is ALWAYS "Ten Bears in the Bed".  He'll want all his little cars but always goes to sleep with his 2 garage trucks and his red firetruck.  He still sleeps with his Tad and always listens to 10 minutes of nightime music (sometimes more if we turn it on more than once!)  He plays in his bed quietly for about 20 minutes and just when we thnk he is asleep... we will usually hear "MOMMY!! MOMMY!! Where are you?!?! MOMMY!!"  After one last goodnight, he's usually done for the night :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Yesterday, Florida got a little hint of WINTER weather.  I am not a fan.  AT ALL. I'm happy wearing tee-shirts, jeans, flip-flops, and shorts all year long.  Caydin isn't a huge fan of long sleeves and pants either!  The first couple of times we put jeans on this fall, he'd pull on them and want them rolled up.  He threw a tantrum the first time I tried to get a sweater on him too! Luckily, he is a HUGE fan of being outside so he wanted the warm clothes on yesterday and today!
The best part about cooler weather is getting out Caydin new long sleeves shirts and pants.  I get bored with dressing him in the same thing everyday!  I'm so lucky to have a mom who can't resist the kids clothing section is certain stores that we go do to :) 

Caydin, when you grow up, you'll surely learn that your daddy never dresses you on days that he is home with you!  It's rare to even find you in a tee-shirt and diaper.  Usually, you'll still be in your PJ top, with diaper, and no shorts! HA! But yesterday, you wanted to go outside... so your daddy HAD to dress you (cold weather and all) and he did a really good job! Made you match and everything! I was so proud that I even took a picture! (see above) 

Now these are some special PJ's.  Rob bought it years ago at work.  It was probably the ONLY TIME that Rob has ever bought clothing for Caydin when I wasn't around.  I'm pretty sure Caydin wasn't even walking yet.  I remember thinking, "Wow, these are huge - he will never fit into it!" and laughed at Rob because he has no clue about kids clothing sizes.  I take that back, he does know about clothing sizes (he works at Kohl's afterall)... He just doesn't know about OUR child's clothing size! :)
So this PJ outfit stayed in the closet forever and ever.  Until last night when it got really cold outside and Caydin needed something extra warm to put on! OH MY GOODNESS, he was adorable.  Like more adorable than he usually is! I'm pretty sure I aged him a bit just by putting it on!  Doesn't he look older?!?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Halloween

 This was Caydin's first time trick-or-treating.  We got together with our playgroup and did burgers/hot dogs on the grill before taking the kids around the block for some trick-or-treating fun.  We were worried that Caydin wouldn't put on his Pirate costume because he screamed everytime we tried prior to halloween day.  Somehow Daddy got it on and Caydin didn't fight it at all.  He was really liking the M&M's he got as a treat for putting on his costume.  All of the kids did a great job trick-or-treating.  Caydin learned to say "trick or treat" and "Arrrrrr" when going up to someone's door! I'm pretty sure he even did a few "thank you's".  He really liked having Aunt Katie and Elyse there to go door-to-door with him. 
After we got home, we put all Caydin's candy in a bowl and let him check it out.  He doesn't eat candy often so he was totally amazed.  He sorted it into piles and would not so nicely tell everyone "NO" when we asked him for a piece!  Aunt Katie tried to sneak a few pieces into her purse but Caydin saw and took them back :)

Pumpkin Carving

Blog Catch Up Time!
 After spending the morning at the zoo and getting to do the Boo Bash where Caydin got to collect little goodies from different spots around the zoo, we headed home for a nap and pumpkin carving!

 Grandma helped pull the pumpkin guts out!
 Caydin was VERY interested in carving the pumpkin!
 Our finished product - it only lasted a week before it collapsed into a moldy mess.  Thank you HOT weather!
Caydin and his pumpkin 2010