Saturday, July 31, 2010

2 Year Stats

Caydin had his 2 year appointment this past Monday *July 26, 2010*.  We figured it would be a very easy appointment because he finished up all his shots at 18 months (and is done until he goes to Kindergarten!) buuuuuut Caydin had other ideas.  He refused to stand on the weight scale.  It was a normal grown-up one so it wasn't scary at all... but Caydin thought it was a good time to throw a super-big-fit! We ended up putting him on the baby scale (which he also hated).  Then it was on to check his height... which we did having him stand again the wall (again, should have been a simple process).  Of course, he hated that too and it took a few nurses plus myself to get a somewhat accurate height! 
So here are his stats: 

Weight: 26 lbs, 6 oz
Height 36 1/2 inches

Pretty standard - he stayed on the same growing curve that hes been on since he was a little baby.  You know, the curve that screams - your kid is tall and skinny!  I'm always concerned that he doesn't eat enough (as in, he takes 3 bites of whatever we give him and says "All done.") but the doctor wasn't concerned. Our main questions were about his lack of veggies... since he won't eat them and questions about how safe his crib is now that he is bigger, stronger, and smarter! 

Overall, a good visit for the little man.  On the way out, Caydin got a "choo-choo" sticker which he was very excited about. You can see the Super Patient sticker in the above photos! We put it on his shirt and he left it alone (AMAZING!)  He told everyone he saw that day that he had a "choo-choo stic-a" and pointed right to the sticker each time.  Our next visit with the doctor is after Caydin turns 3!

And as an added bonus:

Maybe its just me... but I keep thinking he looks like my brother Josh.
Pictures taken July 28, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

Park with Grandma and Grandpa

Caydin is really into slides (as long as he doesn't see a swing nearby!)  I like it too because he has to do lots of steps (i.e. makes him tired!) and the area is fenced in so I know he can't go far!
(Our music class motto is just so happens to be: "Don't let your children have all the fun!")
Pictures taken: July 25, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Playing Catch-Up Part 1

Caydin's first ice cream truck ice cream! I'm surprised we lasted this long without getting anything from the ice cream truck man! That guy is on our street everyday around 6 pm!  He's dedicated, for sure! Somedays we happen to be outside when he comes around and Caydin always likes to look and wave (and say "Whats that?") BUT on the day before his birthday, his daddy brought Caydin around to the front of the house and was suckered into buying some ice cream! The part that cracks me up is that the ice cream trunk was playing CHRISTMAS music! Who buys ice cream from a truck singing christmas music in July?!?! Who knows, maybe the ice cream has been in his truck SINCE July!
And just so you know, the Oreo cone thing was super yummy but the Jolly Rancher Icee thing - yuck!
Happy Birthday Caydin from Aunt Katie, Aunt Julie, and Uncle Josh!
Caydin requests daily hourly to go outside and play in his "how".  This thing is huge and fit quite a few kiddos in it at his birthday party.  Note to self: read to see how large said playhouse is BEFORE buying!  Oh well! Eventually it will head outside and live in the grass but for now, its hanging out on the porch.  Caydin bonked his head a couple times the first day we put it together so my Dad bought a noodle and cut it up to make a "head protector" (Lets play Find Noodle in the Playhouse!) and now Caydin is a pro at ducking! 
If you didn't already think this house is super cool, with its door and garage looking door thing, you should know that Caydin (my super cool child!) finds pleasure in not using either door to enter and leave the house.  Yes, thats right, my child climbs through the windows.  That is.... when he's not busy planting balls in the flower boxes!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Caydin's 2nd Birthday

Huge thanks to everyone who made Caydin's big day special!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday

July 23, 2010
Tunnel Fun with Grandpa in the morning!
Cake and singing happy birthday in the evening!
Caydin touched the cake!!!!!!!!!!!
(But then wanted Mommy to clean off his fingers!)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Last "1" Day

We had a great LAST day of being ONE!
Caydin and Mommy ate breakfast and watched Chugginton.
Caydin and Mommy picked up Oma at the airport this morning.
Caydin and Oma played and read all morning long.
Caydin and Oma took a nap.
Mommy and Daddy went to Lowes and Simply Yogurt.
Daddy brought Oma some Simply Yogurt home.
Mommy put Caydin's new Bounce House together.
Caydin played.
Daddy cut the grass.
Mommy picked up Grandma and Grandpa at the airport.
Aunt Katie came to show off her tattoo!
Aunt Katie gave Caydin a bath.
Caydin played with Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Katie while Daddy and Oma went out to eat.
Caydin gave kisses to everyone and went Night-night!
(and so did everyone else!)

New Width = Bigger Pictures!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rolling off the couch, Caydin Style!

This is the same child who fractured his collarbone falling off the couch 4 months ago, just so you know.  He has NO FEAR.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Mine Truck Boo"

Today, Caydin and I stopped at Barnes and Noble.  It may very well of been the first time Caydin has been in an actual bookstore (as much as I might like too - I can not call the book section in Target a "bookstore" - grin!) I take that back - I remember taking Caydin to B&N back when he was a stroller snoozing kind of kid. So its been awhile, a LONG while! Anyways, we headed inside and Caydin ooooh-ed and ahhhhh-ed over all the books.  He asked over and over "What's that?"  I quickly found the book I was looking for and decided to take Caydin over by the kid section since he hadn't fallen into tantrum mode yet.  Again, he ooooh-ed and ahhhh-ed and asked "What's that?" nearly 8000 times!


He found the vehicle section.  Oh my goodness, books were flying - "Re, re, re" he said even though he would only listen to a page before picking up another vehicle book to look at.  Another little boy came by to look at the vehicle books with wheels and Caydin proudly said "Mine" - (no worries, the other boy didn't care what Caydin said!)


Caydin held one of the books up and said to me: "mine truck boo".  Not only did he put three words together to form a semi-sentence (I don't count him saying "I don't know" or "Here he is" as a semi-sentence because Caydin doesn't realize he is putting words together - that probably doesn't make any sense) but he also picked out his very first book! I am not at all surprised that the book is covered from front to back in trucks. 

He carried the book all the way to the cashier and handed it to the man who nicely said, "Hey little buddy, did you get a book?" to which Caydin responded "Wee." - hahaha! ( I bet you didn't know my kid was French!)

He did not lift his eyes off the pictures for even a minute while I walked around Target and then drove home - I don't even think he realized we parked in the driveway and I got out to get my camera - he was THAT INTO his new book!
And that, folks, was my day!