Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I hate being sick.

Boy, this is a long week... and its only Wednesday!  I'm sick. Caydin has alittle bit of a runny nose.  We are all hoping and praying that Wyatt stays germ free!  I'm pretty sure that I fear 2 little boys being sick at the same time more than I fear anything else related to having 2 kids! 

I'm staying home from work tomorrow.  It was a planned absence.  My big boy starts 3-year-old preschool for the first time tomorrow!  I decided that I want to be the one to take him on his first day!  Rob has the day off too so we both plan to take him.  Go figure that I have to go and get sick the day before he starts preschool!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Caydin sleeps great tonight and wakes up feeling 100% tomorrow! 

I'm tired and stressed.  I'm hoping that is half of my cold.  I'm hoping a day of rest will get me back to 100% too!  I have a little guy in my class this year that has been testing every nerve in my body lately!  Today was an especially hard day.  I'm pretty sure that both he and I need a break from eachother!

How many more days until the end of the school year???

The sun is starting to hang out a little longer in the evenings.  Thank goodness!  Our little night owl (Caydin of course!) needs to burn A LOT of energy in the evening.  We've done a few trips to the park on the scooter lately.  I love spending time with both boys and Rob at the same time! It's amazing how adding another baby stretches your time each day to the very limit!  By the time I pick Caydin up after school, bring him home, do dinner, baths for both boys, alittle bit of play time, stories and bed... I'm exhausted!  On the day these pictures were taken, Rob was trying to show Caydin how to "coast" on his scooter, or....  kick for few seconds to get the scooter moving, then put both feet on the scooter and riiiiiiiide.  It was probably the funniest thing we've seen in awhile!!!!  

We haven't quite figured out why he wants to keep his leg so high up in the air while "coasting" but doesn't it make for some interesting pictures?!?! 

Happy Wednesday! Happy Leap Day! 

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Wyatt's first 5 ounce bottle!
He chugged it like a pro!

Seaworld on a School day?!?!

I had off last Monday for President's Day.  After Mom and I dropped off Caydin at his school (Daddy had to work) we did some errands and decided to take the boys to Sea World.  The weather was GREAT! So we picked Caydin up from school and headed over!  Everyone else in town thought the same thing because they were all at Sea World too!  We were able to see lots of animals though and made it to the sea lion show - which is one of Caydin's favorites!  Caydin fell asleep the minute we got back to the car and slept the whole way home.  It was really hard to wake him up at home too! He had a really long but fun day!  Wyatt spent a lot of time awake this trip.  He saw a few fishies and other sea animals. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

H is for Hippos wearing Hats!

We've been slipping on our letter activities! The days fly by with 2 kids and everytime I plan to sit down with Caydin... something happens or Wyatt needs something - my poor first child!  He is so easy going though and doesn't mind one bit! 
Last week while in the car with Grandma - she asked how school went and Caydin told her he didn't know any words that start with "G" when his teacher asked him...  Let me tell you.... that's the easiest way to BREAK A GRANDMA'S HEART!!!!! 
So this week, we've been working on the letter "H".  Caydin went to school ready with a bunch of words that start with it! HA!  I found a bunch of teacher workbooks that I used when I taught Kindergarten - so I pulled one out, made a copy, and did a little activity before school with Caydin to get him ready.  He loved the coloring and the gluing!  As he was coloring, he kept repeating to himself to stay in the lines so I know the teachers at school must be working on that with him! I thought he did pretty well for a three-year-old! I did the cutting for him on this project. :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our pal Tad

Tad is well loved in our family.  He was given to Caydin as a Christmas gift from Uncle Jay and Auntie Jen when Caydin was just 4 months old.  Tad has been in Caydin's bed ever since - playing nighttime music EVERY night as well as some daytime jingles during the day.  Tad lived in our first apartment and then our first house.  Tad has been to grandma's house tons of times, as well as Chicago, North Carolina, Virginia, and even the beach (a few times!)  Caydin loved him (still does). 

Why am I writing all this??....

Well Caydin shared Tad with Wyatt.  How sweet is that?!  He put Tad in Wyatt's bed a few days ago and he's still in there.  Now, Tad is Wyatt's trusty bedtime pal.  

Caydin is SUCH A GREAT big brother! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

My First Valentine!

My little guy celebrated his first valentine's day!  That makes his 4th big holiday in his short 3 months (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and now Valentines!!) WOW!  We, of course, celebrated in style! Wyatt actually had 2 Valentine onesies.  He is pretty good at spitting up and making a mess on his outfit and usually gets at least one change of clothes a day. 
Go figure, he DIDN'T need a change of clothes on Valentine's Day! HA!  So he wore one of his outfits on Valentine's Day and the other a few days later!
Caydin and Wyatt both shared Valentine's with playgroup on Thursday (the 16th) so we didn't do too much on the 14th.  Mommy and Daddy both worked, then we all came home, played, and ate some dinner before bath and bed! Perfect day! :)
(Caydin runs from the camera these days so my pictures are Wyatt heavy, I literally have to bribe him with candy or chocolate! Hopefully he will start letting me take pictures of him again soon!)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

We play candy land and scratch lottery tickets at the same time. :)

Elyse came over last weekend and we got out our candy land game.  We only made it a few rows on the board though... because Caydin got bored (I think) and started being a goof ball.  Rob went to get some lottery tickets because the jackpot (is that what you call it?!) was very big!  We all had a fun time as we scratched off the slots on the monoploy lottery tickets.  I've figured out that lottery tickets are only fun for about 5 minutes... then they turn depressing pretty quickly.  Haha!  It would have been a lot cooler if we won though!!!!!!  After board games and lottery tickets, I got down to work making Caydin's valentines for school. :)  Next post... Valentine's Day pictures!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Like dinosaurs??

We hope you like dinosaurs as much as your brother thinks you do!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Big and Little

I'm not sure why I wished for a girl when I was pregnant with Wyatt.  Look at how sweet these brothers are.  While I would love a girl someday, I am so thankful for these two little guys.  I know they will grow up to be best buddies!  Caydin is so sweet with Wyatt.  Wyatt adores his big brother and smiles big whenever Caydin is nearby.
 On Thursday, I took some time off of work to check out some local preschools and vpk locations.  I can hardly believe that my big boy will start vpk in August.  I wanted to find the perfect place for him, one where I know the teachers will value him, teach him, and love on him.  After stopping at one place that I didn't like AT ALL, I went back to a school I looked at while I was still (very) pregnant with Wyatt.  I liked the school the first time I looked at it but wasn't sure about the hours.  When I returned, the diector recognized me right away and asked me about our boys.  I peeked in on the class Caydin will be with and was impressed with what I saw.  The teacher in there recognized me right away too!  I signed him up and cannot be more happier about my decision!  He starts March 1st.
Little brother got to hang out with Grandma on Thursday alone.  I'm sure he loved all the special attention!  Wyatt is such a little ham in the morning.  He smiles all the time and just a fun baby to be around!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Cloth Diaper Update!

Cloth diapering is going great!  Wyatt doesn't mind them and we enjoy going to the grocery store and NOT buying diapers!  (It's good for the environment too!)
We still haven't gotten Rob to try them but we are lucky that we have family and friends who bought regular diapers for us as shower gifts. 
Wyatt uses regular diapers at night (unless he falls asleep before I change him). 
Washing is super easy.  I just dump the bucket of diapers into the washing machine and turn it on! :)
We (my mom and I) find ourselves using Charlie Banana diapers before our gDiapers. 
Have I mentioned that he looks super cute in his cloth diapers?!?! 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sea World with Aunt Lulie

Last weekend, Caydin and I headed out for a special trip with Aunt Julie (also known as Aunt Lulie) to Sea World.  Aunt Julie hasn't been since she was a little girl so it was a lot of fun going with her - the park has changed so much over the past 20ish years!
Caydin's first stop was by the flamingos.  He stopped and showed us how he stands likes a flamingo.  He says "they sleep on one leg!"  I think he did a pretty good job at pretending to be a sleeping flamingo - see!?!
 Then we headed over to the Dolphin show - my favorite!  We had really good seats and got lots of smiles out of Caydin.  I think he really liked the birds that flew overhead during parts of the show!
 The dolphin nursery was a good spot to stop too!
The young dolphins were really active and liked jumping onto the ledge.  They would push eachother off the ledge and make all kinds of splashes and noises. So neat!
 Then we had a "mad" little boy.... (hands on hips)..  He thought it was funny to walk through the park with his hands on this hips.  I don't think he was actually mad though...
 Caydin has been asking to go up in the skytower for awhile now! Well when we passed by it, it had a 10 minute wait time (which was actually shorter than 10 minutes) so we waited and went up!  It was the first time for all of us.  Caydin REALLY liked getting to see the construction vehicles that were in the section they are re-doing (the penguin area).  Then we went to the whale show and had a really good time.  Finally, we headed over to the kid area where Caydin went into the big net play area.  Note to self: Send Daddy into the net area with Caydin next time - that thing is TIRING and HARD!!!!!  Julie and I bought left with bruises on our knees from the plastic tunnels!  Caydin was tried after that and ready to go home! Thank goodness!
I'm pretty sure Caydin had a great time spending time with Mommy and Aunt Julie.  I'm so glad we have family around who make it possible for us to special things with just him.  :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Super Bowl!!!

We had been planning for some time to go over to our good friend's, Andrea and Shiv, house for a Super Bowl party.  Andrea was all "sporty" and ordered all the kids matching shirts! Sadly, Ava got sick so they weren't able to have the party at their house but the party was moved to Erin and Steve's (insert happy face!).  They had baby MaKensie just 8 days before!  She looked super adorable in her Super Bowl onesie!  Boy did Wyatt look HUGE compared to MaKensie.  He is only 10 weeks older than her.  They are going to make the cutest couple one day! LOL! (Erin and I are totally for arranged marriages!)
Caydin had a great time playing with Carter.  Wyatt napped so Rob and I got to enjoy the game and commericals.  Wyatt woke up shortly before we left, had a bottle, and went back to sleep for the car ride home.  HE THEN SLEPT IN THE CARSEAT UNTIL 4:30 THE NEXT MORNING!!!!  I put that is all caps because we were all so excited about it!! 6 beautiful hours! HAHA! When he woke up crying at 4:30 am, Rob had trouble finding him because he didn't realize he was still in the carseat! LOL! He didn't want to go back to sleep after his bottle so we got lots of play time in and even a bath early in the morning (Caydin spent the night at Grandma's that night)!!!