Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fun with new CaMeRa!

Caydin thinks the flash on the new camera is super funny!

And I think these pictures are super funny!
I should probably say sorry to Caydin NOW for the hundreds of pictures I will take daily of him.... :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Car Wash

One day earlier this week, I came home from work to find Caydin playing in his daddy's car! It was so cute to see his little head sticking out the unrolled window - genius on Rob's part... Caydin loved it and Rob got to play with his car for awhile!
Rob also had Caydin dressed, which is a BIG surprise - usually he runs around with no clothes on or still has his jammies on if its Rob's day to stay home. :)
But he was good and had Caydin dressed in his Hawaiian shirt that Uncle Jay and Auntie Jen got him on their honeymoon last summer (the shirt finally fits!!!!!)
Caydin sure was good at pointing out all the dirty spots!
...and really wanted to play in the water, but resisted!
He was super curious about where the water goes after it leaves the driveway. He even said something along the lines of "water" while watching it go down the street!

Adventures of Caydin

Last weekend whil Grandpa was in town working on Aunt Katie's house, Caydin and I went over to visit. We played in the front yard for awhile then Caydin decided to take his sippy cup and explore the backyard. {insert scary face here}
Here he is walking off into the unknown!
We opened the gate on the fence, looked to the left, and found this! Really, you never know when you might need an extra.
Caydin was much more excited about finding his long-lost ball. We brought it over the first weekend that we worked on Katie's house.
Katie found this and Caydin thought it was really neat. I would tell him "turtle" and he'd point at it and say a whole-lotta-nothing in his toddler talk. I'm sure they had a great conversation though!
Now for the scary part of the adventure.... we found these HUGE, BIG, BLUE, monster footprints... Let you tell you, Caydin wasn't impressed. (haha)
We wrapped up our adventure by checking out these aloe plants. We are happy to note that we will NEVER have to buy aloe again, as Aunt Katie has a million (ok, maybe not a million) little plants in her jungle, I mean, backyard!
And that, folks, is Aunt Katie's backyard!
More blog posts are a-comin'!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

19 months!

Dear Caydin,
19 months, can it be? Only 5 more months until you turn 2!
Scary thought.
Before I know it, you'll be reading these silly blog notes on your own and taking your own pictures! Another scary thought.
You are a ton of fun right now, always going-going-going, with no time for naps or eating! We still make you nap though and usually we can get you to nap twice a day! Food... well, you don't really care for it! You love the same things you loved last month and have no desire to try anything new. You must of gotten that trait from me!
You are totally diggin' your new basketball hoop this month and love your cars, like always. Your new favorite place to play is in the real car! You could pretend to drive and pretend to play with the radio buttons all day if we let you! When we try to take you out of the car, you throw the biggest tantrum ever! You cry and scream and throw yourself in the grass. When that doesn't work, you try to run down the street... but you only get to the next houses driveway before you turn around to see where we are and then come back. :)
It's amazing to see how determined you are to do something! You are a very strong and smart little guy! You love to laugh, look at books, and be chased!
You talk non-stop all day and are adding in a ton of new sounds. You still do mostly "toddler-talk" but it's beginning to make more sense! We understand when you say "Whats that?" and "Here it is" and you know that a horse and a cow make a noise (though you don't always say the right noise!) You babble from the minute you get into a store to the middle you leave and always make sure to say "hello" and "goodbye" to fellow shoppers!
You are growing out of your 18 month jeans because you are so tall (not because of weight) but still wear 18 month shorts and tops! You wear size 5 diapers at night and size 4 diapers during the day! You wear size 6 and 7 shoes -- Mr. Big Feet!!!
We love you!
Love, Mom

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fruit Loops!

My kiddo likes Fruit Loops. Which is great because I like them too! We like to share a bowl together during the weekends. :) We've been working on keeping the fruit loops in the bowl. It ususally doesn't work.... My kiddo enjoys eating off the floor!
And then pushing his fruit loops all around the carpet :)
"Look Mom, a fruit loop!" Caydin still doesn't like to touch food. Fruit loops are on the slowly-growing list of things he WILL pick up and feed himself! Score!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I made something...

Yes, you read that correctly. I made something. AND I even had to use the oven. (I think I spelled that correctly. HAHA -- you know, since I've never used one before and all). This is what I made... ( I think this was pre-oven!)
I peeled and diced up four apples! Another big accomplishment in my book!
This is where the idea started... At the grocery store!
Not too much to clean up!!
Oh so yummy!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Dear Readers,
I've crawled under here to get my ball and now I'm stuck too!
Love, Caydin
P.S. If you can find my pants, I would truly appreciate it! (Some bigger socks would be nice too! - The gray part of the sock only goes to the middle of my heel!)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Fun with Black and White

Pictures taken February 14 :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Valentine's Day

Daddy brought home a million balloons yesterday night and Caydin spent most of the morning today playing with them! Grandma and I took Caydin outside with his balloons to get a couple pictures. He was so excited to hit them, push them, kick them, and carry them around. He loves balloons everytime he sees them at the store so this with pure baby joy.... all morning long!

Katie and Elyse came over to for a good ol trip to Kohls. I seriously do not get stuff anywhere besides Kohl's and Target these days. I'm lame. Mom and I took Caydin to the mall yesterday and we came home with a couple of shirts for Caydin. THAT's ALL. It was sad, truly sad! Today at Kohls, I came home with new Easter table settings, hand towels, a Welcome sign for the front door, shoes, and garden flags (3 of them!) CRAZY~
Kohls was followed by a trip to Target. Didn't I just say that I don't go anywhere besides Kohl's and Target. My mom thinks someone at Target will be sad if we don't go often (haha). Caydin got a new pair of Converse shoes. (OH my, we love our little Converse shoes! - we got a size 8 so he can grow into them!) AND while we were by the shoes, this family came by with a bunch of young kids, the mom, and the dad. The dad says "Look, these shoes are cool for the boys." The mom says, "Honey, they are knock-offs, that's why they are on sale." (Me thinking: HELLO?!?!?! She is/was so dumb. They aren't knock-offs. The wal-mart shoes on your kids feet now ARE knock-offs. Pull your life together!) Seriously, don't knock my super cool Converse shoes. Caydin has only gone through 2 pairs and waiting on the 3rd to fit him!. Don't knock them!
That's about it.
Exciting day, I know.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I can stack blocks, can you?

When I'm not busy climbing the bunny cage, the kitchen chairs, and the couches, chances are you might find me in the play area stacking blocks. I did this one ALL BY MYSELF! Then I saw Mommy with the camera and decided to take a couple pictures with my block creation! I love stacking so much that I even got Mom to take a picture of me kissing the blocks.
How seriously cool am I?!
--Love, Caydin

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Sorry Scout!
Cute little bruised toenail. I had to get the picture because the "bruise" is growing out and soon it will be gone!! Caydin has had a bruise on both big toes for awhile now. We have no clue why and it never bothered him but definitely a Caydin trademark for the past couple of months.
Strange. I know.
{insert laugh here}


My boy loves books right now.
He always has but it used to be a two minute thing... Then he was off to the next activity. And he has always LOVED to toss the books off of his bookshelf.
But my boy loves books lately. He loves to run into his room to pick one out when someone tells him to "get a book." He loves to bring the book back and request "up" so that we can read it together. He loves to turn the pages before I finish each page. I'm hoping we are exiting the stage of "ripping" the books (though that really isn't his fault -- I should give him more hard books to look at.)
Last night, he brought me book after book after book to read to him. We probably had about 12 books on the living room floor before we stopped reading (and we only stopped because it was time for dinner.)

Here is a list of his favorites right now:
Wheels on the Go
Millie Moo
"How do Dinosaurs say Goodnight"
a few German books that his Oma got from Germany. I don't speak German at all but I make up words to go with the pictures!
I'll continue the list when Caydin gets up from his nap! I never wake a sleeping baby to get something as silly as the title of his favorite books!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentine's Shoot

Happy Valentine's Day!
Grandma came over and helped me get a few Valentine's pictures yesterday!
I only took about 200.....
Here are a few that I played with last night!

Oma's visit

Oma came for a visit at the end of January.
Caydin enjoyed having an extra person around to play with!
Rob had the WHOLE week off too so they got out of the house and did lots of things together. They went out to eat, to a couple stores, the park, to some batting cages (where Caydin stole a ball and now claims it as his favorite outside ball), and to visit a friend.
I had to work the entire week but enjoyed not having to think about dinner :)

{don't you just love how Rob is holding Caydin for this picture?!?!}

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

18 month doctor's visit!

We headed over to the doctor's office to get Caydin's new stats and
finish up his shots! Caydin can not even begin to tell you how happy he is to be done with shots!
In fact, he doesn't have to get another one until he gets ready for Kindergarten.
....Drum roll please....
Weight: 24 lbs 11 ozs (30th percentile)
Height: 34 3/4 inches (95th percentile)
Head: 45 3/4 cm (9th percentile)

Which basically means that he is a VERY TALL skinny kid with a small head!

...and we are totally cool with that!

**Pictures taken the middle of January :)