Monday, January 27, 2014

Evening Fun!

2 boys. 
A little baby girl.
A dog.
A new camera.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Oh man. Mommy got a new camera.

I got a new camera.  
So, naturally, I want to take pictures of everything.
Pictures of my kids eating Lunchables.

Because I'm a cool mom.

(Obviously, Caydin doesn't like my new camera! HAHA)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Christmas Day in Pictures :)

We had an awesome Christmas this year!  Caydin understood the point of the holiday and was really excited about giving to others.  He went to the store to pick out a gift for Wyatt this year and was really excited to give it to him.  This year, we started our Christmas Eve box.  Both boys got their jammies as well as a pair of slippers, book, and movie! Christmas morning was pretty quiet.  Just our family, Katie's little family, and mom and dad.  We all had a great day!

Phone Pics:

(Reading the Night Before Christmas before bed on Christmas Eve.)

(So excited to see that Santa came!)
(Opening our first Christmas gifts!)

Camera pictures:

(Christmas Day is TOUGH!)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Not really sure how it happened. But my big kiddo is starting to read.  He knows all his letters, and the majority of his sounds (he still gets mixed up on a couple vowels). He has a pretty good amount of sight words memorized too. So now we are learning to read! Way to go Caydin!!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Playing in the dirt.

I don't know about the rest of you.... but both of my boys love to play in dirt. They could stay out in the backyard for hours (in fact... they DO stay outside for hours).  Caydin is trying to dig a tunnel to Virginia.  He says that we will be able to just jump in and get to Virginia in about a minute!  They get so dirty that they have to jump right in the shower after playing outside. And. Oh. My. Word.  I wont even begin to describe their fingernails after a few hours in the dirt. 

So thankful for a warm winter so they can play outside daily! :)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas at Sea World!

Two days before Christmas, Grandma, the boys, and I headed over to Sea World to check out the Christmas decorations!
We got there right as the park was opening and were excited to find that the place was EMPTY! 2 days before CHRISTMAS!! CRAZY!
I always love watching the boys (mainly Caydin) grab a map and plan where he wants to go.  This time we went, Wyatt demanded a map as well!
We headed over to Antarctica first to see the penguins and were SUPER EXCITED to see only a 10 minute wait time!  The only other time we went on that ride, we had to wait 50 minutes in line!
Wyatt LOVES penguins so he loved this part!  Poor kid really wanted to watch the live penguins but it was WAY cold in that room!
After the penguins, we went shopping in the gift shop! Wyatt wanted every penguin in there!
Caydin and I waited about 5 minutes to ride Atlantis after that then headed over to see the sharks.  We planned to go to the Shamu show since it is going to close for renovations this Spring.  The boys and I jumped on a couple Kiddie rides while Grandma got us a seat at the Shamu show. 
The timing of everything was so perfect with hardly no wait at all! We ended the day by getting a picture taken in the Sea World Snow Globe!
Definitely one of our best days at Sea World! 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Phone Pics!

Attack of the selfies!

Wyatt is such a ham.  If anyone is talking on the phone, he needs to talk too.  He loves to surf the web (haha), asks for PBS kids all the time, and is great at swiping his finger across the screen to unlock it.  Stinker for sure. 

He is also getting really good at copying facial expressions!

Everyone needs a good Aunt Tee-tee cuddle! 

Why are we so sad??  Look at the next picture....
Poor Caydin had a scooter crash! What a trooper! His poor face looked horrible!  
Grandma to the rescue!  She was recently told to use vaseline on a cut instead of neosporin.  So we did.  Applied it a couple times a day.  
Literally, 4 days later, it looked like this.  Amazing.  It scabbed but the scab fell right off in the shower.  
I will never use neosporin again! 
Oh my gosh.  Who could resist this face!  Only 6 months old and she has the most perfect selfies ever! :)