Saturday, April 25, 2015

Beach with our bestests!

Over Spring Break, the rain stopped long enough for us to take a trip to see our bestests!  We had so much fun at the beach!  We usually only get one or two trips a year but the boys loved it so much that I think we will be going more often this summer! 
It was so relaxing. 
The boys played. 
They didn't need much. 
They weren't fighting with each other. 
Bliss.  Almost.
Wyatt wasn't so sure about the waves and wanted me to stand next to him while the waves came in. 
After the beach, we headed a few blocks over to our bestests house for lunch and Mickey shirt makin'!  (Blog post coming soon with our super cool Mickey tees.)
Both boys slept the entire way home.  An hour of quiet time in the car is a beautiful thing.

 (The only picture I took this trip with all 4 boys in the same pic!)
 (Sandy toes during snack time.  Wyatt and Mommy.)

Friday, April 24, 2015

Egg huntin'

Where is the time going??
Waaaaaaaaay back... a long time ago...  We celebrated Easter!
On the day before Easter, we headed to a nearby neighborhood to see a helicopter egg drop.  While the idea sounded great... it was very overwhelming!  The helicopter was actually dropping little packages of marshmallows and candies.... on everyone's heads! Throw in a bunch of wind from the blades and lots of dirt flying and kids (and parents) pushing.... and yes... I'm sure you get the point.
But the boys had fun.  They were able to participate in an egg hunt a few minutes before the helicopter came and scored some eggs. 
Afterwards, we headed to Grandma/Grandpa's house where the boys used their Hess planes to recreate the egg drop.  :) :)
Annnnnnnd, we did a little Easter craft!
Up next.... Easter Sunday!