Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Magic Kingdom - Trip 2

We headed over to Magic Kingdom on my birthday (May 21st) to use up our last couple of tickets.  We learned to go in the afternoon since it is much cooler and the wait times are short!  Most of grumpy families seem to head home so its also much more pleasant! HA!  I'm pretty sure we could skip the actual park and just ride around on the parking lot tram and monorail all day.  Go figure! He is in LOVE with the monorail. 
 We started out the afternoon with the bear show.  I can't remember the name of it but it was pretty awful!  I'm pretty sure people only go to it so they can get some air-conditioned air!  The bears, outfits, songs haven't changed since I was a kid!  Let me just say again that it was AWFUL!  HAHA!
Tee-tee and Caydin on the boat ride!
 Katie and me on the boat ride.
 Oooooh the castle!!!
We did get to see the Mickey 3-D show.  Caydin has never worn 3-D glasses before but did a great job keeping them on.  I tried to show him how to reach his hand out to "touch" the 3-D images but he wasn't impressed.  I'm pretty sure the show was overwhelming for him!
 Now Aladdin's ride was a winner!  I stayed on the ground for this one... its just safer that way! ;)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

He thinks he's a cowboy!

Meet my Buzz and Woody cowboy boot wearing big boy!
 His favorite thing about his boots are the light up characters on the side of each boot!  He stomps around the house just so he can see the lights.
 Daddy got them at work for a whooping $2!
 I'm not sure they go with driving a dump truck full of "elephant lovey" but Caydin does so thats all that matters.
 The boots are also great for high-jumping, one of his favorite sports.
So next time you see Caydin, make sure to greet him with a "howdy, partner!"

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Pictures with Mommy

 {Caydin took this picture!}

Monday, May 23, 2011

I never and I always

Nope, I NEVER let my kid jump on his bed.
 I mean, seriously, that is soooooooo unsafe and beds were made for sleeping.
 and I NEVER take pictures of my kid doing what he isn't supposed to do. Nope, not me.
 I ALWAYS make my kid throw out the recycling.  He loves doing it.  We call him the "recycling boy" but he doesn't really like that... he prefers "big boy".
 Riding his bike to the recycling bins is just an added bonus!
and I ALWAYS take pictures.  Memories, you know.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Oldies but Goodies!

Sometimes, it is alot more convenient for me to grab my old Point-and-Shoot camera.  It doesn't click as loud as my Canon and it can zoom a lot farther and I don't have to worry about changing the lense!  Problem is.... I NEVER take the pictures off the point-and-shoot camera! So here we have some oldies but goodies! ;) 
OOOOhh the "cheese" face!
 Caydin will rarely ask for his picture to be taken so when he asks, I jump at the chance!
 Daredevil!  He used to do this all the time, especially if we were trying to get him to wear underwear for alittle bit.  He will climb up the changing table and yell for a diaper change.  He still hasn't figured out how to climb down. 
 Some days are just made for reading books!
 First nap in his big boy bed!
 First time falling asleep on the floor near his down! He was playing with an Elmo toy one minute and asleep the next.  Lately, he has been very worried about the door being closed and lights being off so this should of been a sneak peek of what was/is to come!
 Pool time at Grandma's house is always fun!
 I planted sunflowers with my class at school.  We started out with little seeds and a little greenhouse in the window and now we have plants taller than me!  They are flowering now but I haven't stopped long enough to get a picture of it! It's been the perfect plant for watching how a seed grows into a seedling then plant.  They don't need much water either (thank goodness because I always forget to water them!)

Afternoon of Day 3 - St. Augustine :)

 We definitely dig the beach!
 As you can see, the beach was beautiful on Sunday! After a much needed nap for Caydin (and one for Rob too!), they both came back down to the water.  Caydin needed some cuddle-with-mommy-time (which I was all too happy to provide him with!) and then he was off to play in the sand.
 4 playgroup mama's! Me, Andrea, Aya and Erin.
 Back to the water he went, with no swimsuit on of course!!!!
 Ava and Ryu fighting the waves!  Our kids all enjoy eachother and we rarely have to get onto any of them for doing something to someone else!  (Last night, we went out to dinner for my birthday and Caydin and Ava just hugged on eachother all evening long.)  They are so sweet to eachother!
 Carter let us all know that hes going to be a big brother soon.  He loved getting to hold Arwen and asked to do it a million times.  Caydin loved to check on Arwen and talk to her and now her name is right in the middle of all his "playgroup friend" questions.... You know... "Is Ava sleeping?  Is Tarter (his way of saying Carter) sleeping?  Is Arwen sleeping?" 
 We celebrated Andrea's birthday.  The kids couldn't wait for a piece of cake before heading to bed.  Amazingly enough, Caydin was in bed each night by 9 pm!  The other kids went to sleep a little earlier but since Caydin likes to talk and bother others at night, we let him stay up until everyone else was asleep.  He loved all the attention from the adults. :)  He is such a little nightowl!
 Happy Birthday Andrea!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

St. Augustine Day 3 - A Day in the Sun!

I have to split day 3 into 2 parts because it was such a great day!  The weather was PERFECT all day and we spent all day at the beach!  We came out to find this huge hole that someone else had spent a lot of time digging! The kids all liked playing in the hole!

 Caydin spent most of the morning playing in the sand again!  We had already figured out that he was getting a rash from the diaper but didn't realize that putting on his swimsuit (over a swim diaper) was making it worse.  Poor guy! He whined a bit and just wasn't all that happy at first to be out by the water.
He cheered up enough to run and play though! He figured out that running through the sand near the water was great fun.  The house we rented was on the no-car driving section of the beach.  That made us all feel sooooo much better about letting the kids run and have fun! We figured the more they ran, the better nap they would all have!  I'm pretty sure we'll only rent on the no-car section of beaches from now on! So worth it!

Caydin perked up once we took his swimsuit bottoms off!  The kid was unstoppable after that!  He played in the sand non-stop and ran around the water.  One of his buddies brought a rubber squishy alligator to the beach and Caydin had LOTS of fun throwing it into the waves and running after it.  He would throw it in and laugh like crazy.  He got pretty brave going into the waves to rescue it!  He got a sandcastle building lesson from Mr. Steve but all the kids lost interest after about 2 pails of sand!  The moat made for a great alligator home (in case you were wondering!).

We headed back inside for lunch.  It was during these lunches that Caydin found a great love for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! :) The little kids (Caydin included - he's still my little kid!) went up to take a nap and the mommies got some alone time to walk on the beach.  So much fun, and sooooo relaxing!

Beach Trip St. Augustine Day 2

All the kids were up bright and early on Saturday!  They did so well playing together while the grown-ups ate breakfast and got things ready for the beach!  We were expecting a day of rain so we headed to the beach early, hoping to get the most out of the ocean!
 Caydin favored the sand on this day.  He really didn't go into the water at all.  Later, we figured out that he had gotten a yucky rash behind his knee and near his diaper line from wearing a non-swim-diaper in the ocean on Friday. Booooo! Luckily, one of the other families was loaded with meds and we fixed him right up!

 It was pretty cloudy all morning but the kids had fun playing in the sand.  We pretty much had the beach to ourselves on Saturday.  Rob, Steve, and Shiv enjoyed boogie boarding while the girls sat around, ate doritos, and read books!

 We headed up to the house for lunch and didn't get to come out the rest of the day because of weather! Boooo! Everyone caught up on sleep and the kids got to watch a movie.  The kids all loved to play on the stairs.  We probably told them 50 times a day to not play cars or trains on the staircase!  Caydin is in love with his buddy Carter.  Carter is nearly a year older but still put up with Caydin all weekend long!  Here is Carter with his "silly face" while Caydin is looking cute with his happy face!

The daddies all ran from the house in the evening to see a movie.  We made sure they did some good quality kid time before they left while the girls all sat around the table and talked!!