Monday, August 31, 2009

Just because.....

some of you might actually miss this adorable, cute, handsome face!!!!

P.S. I bet you can't guess what the next {best} {toy} {ever} is!!!!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh Sippy Cup

We've been having a tough time getting Caydin used to sippy cups {not that he really needs to be on sippy cups, I still think it's totally cool if he drinks from bottles - now if he were 3 and still drinking from bottles, I might have some issues!!!!} but anyways, he learned many many many months ago to suck the air up and out of his drop-in liner bottles {probably the only thing I hate about those bottles} and so, he never had to learn to tilt the bottle. So now, sippy cups are useless to him!! He will attempt to suck a time or two then figures out he isn't getting anything and throws the sippy cup down... or will carry it around with him and bang it on things.
We think we may of found a sippy cup that works!!!
{even if he does use it the wrong way and, at times, will try to get his juice out of the bottle, hehe}

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Caydin's Uncle Josh

{Caydin is starting to look like his Uncle Josh more and more each day! My mom has said, since birth, that Caydin does A LOT of "Josh" things... But lately, he does this face that LOOKS so much like Josh!!!!}

{Here is Josh as a little guy}

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Drink with Aunt Katie

I'm really not sure how we got into the habit of giving Caydin some of our drink in the cap. But we do, and Caydin is a HUGE fan of Vitamin and SoBe water. He hates soda {me too} and could care less about water. Just like his mama, he needs a little flavor in his drinks!

"Hold on Caydin, I need to put some in the cap!!!!}
A little over-excited!

{Caydin begging for some of Katie's SoBe water}

{Forget sippy cups, caps work just as great!}

{Aunt Katie had to try out her skills of drinking out of a cap}

{Yummy, SoBe water}
Whoooooosh! I feel better after uploading some new pictures!!!! I'm lacking in the blogs lately (not really, but I feel as if I am)! After only 2 days back at school, I can already tell it is going to be an INCREDIBLY long year. I have one little cutie who is going to test me at every turn. He has already ran right out of the classroom door to who-knows-where once {on day one} and received a referral for hitting {day two}. If I can make it through this year, I can make it through anything (I think)!
The rest of my kids are excellent and I only have a few SERIOUS talkers, but that we can and will work on!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Caydin turned 13 months today!

No more cakes to mark each month and no more monthly picture...

Caydin did however, go to Kohls and get a new duck bath towel


go to Target for new shampoo and bath wash


play with a new sprinkler toy in the bathtub {which is totally cool and would recommend to everyone, regardless if you have child or not}


play with his lawn mower for the first time {we've had it out for him to play with, but he never did much with it until today}


splish splash in the puddles outside on the porch


lots of running, running, running!


{someone has a new haircut}
which he hated getting but looks so cute now!
actually, he screamed until his aunt katie whipped out a broom and started sweeping. Then he let the haircutting lady go to town!
He enjoyed a lollipop afterwards {his first} and made a MESS all over his shirt, shorts, and shoes!
He rode all the way home shirtless.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Cups, cups, cups!! {and update on school}

Cups are fun to play with!
Caydin has figured out how to stack them, throw them, bang them, eat from them, {pretend to} drink from them...
They make for GREAT kitchen entertainment while Mama {and/or Daddy} are working in the kitchen!
We've been collecting the nice plastic ones from interesting places that we go too...
We have 2 cups from the National's baseball game in Washington D.C, we have a cup from the Tampa Bay Ray baseball game, and we have a cup from the National Zoo, again in Washington D.C.
I think we have more interesting cups around here but I can't think of them right now!

Now.... Sippy Cups are a whole different story. Caydin has no interest in drinking from them, however, he does love to walk around with them and chew on the nipple part. He is oh-so-happy with his bottles and ain't getting rid of them any time soon! {His words, not mine}
But still, every couple of days, I give him the sippy cup to explore with...

While Caydin is "learning" about the sippy cup, I am learning about all the new students in my 1st grade class!
Most of them came in for our "Meet the Teacher" night. I was amazed that 16 out of the 20 on my list came in, and many of them mentioned that they had requested me as their teacher over the summer! WOW. Thanks to a lot of good compliments from my Kindergarten team, my new class is loaded with concerned and involved parents {which I'm highly excited about} !!! I even have 4 of my own kindergarteners from last year!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Playing with Water

Hot days here in Florida.
Someone {Caydin} has figured out how to splish and splash in the bathtub recently.
Now he loves to play with water!
He'd hang out in the bathroom playing with the shower all day if we let him!
Who would of thought that a pitcher of water could be soooooo much fun!
{Personally, I think he has GREAT pouring skills!!!}

Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to School

I went back to work today. Caydin made sure to let us know that he was not happy about it by waking up at 4 am and not going back to sleep very easily! {Actually, he is working on tooth number 9, which may or may not of popped through... he will not let us check.} Daddy stayed with Caydin for awhile, since all he wanted was to be held and loved on. Caydin had fun at home with Grandma during the day.

These pictures were taken yesterday (August 16) when we were out on the backporch watching Daddy work in the yard. He blew the grass off the sidewalk with the leaf blower and pulled two randomly placed cement squares out of the middle of our backyard. Caydin was totally into what Dad was doing and NOT into taking pictures!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our Autotrain experience!

I think I mentioned this before but my mom and I refused to drive home from Virginia with Caydin in the car! So instead, we drove the car to the Lorton train station and took an Amtrak AutoTrain back to Florida! Here is my mom and Caydin as we were checking in at the train station. Check in time was around 2 pm on Wednesday, the train left at 4 pm. We arrived in Sanford Florida around 9:30 am on Thursday!The train had 2 levels and you could choose to either get a coach seat {similiar to a plane seat} or you could choose to get a sleep-in room. We did a sleep-in room.

Super skinny hallway! We did many-a-walks in this hallway!
Caydin quickly mastered the closet door {please note, the closet could barely hold 2 shirts on a hanger!}This is the best view of the room I have! Our bags are on the seat {good sized seat}. At night, that blue couch/seat folds down to make a bed {alittle larger than a twin}.
The beige color thing near my mom's head is the second bed that also was folded down at night. Behind my mom is the sink that when turned on, sprayed and splashed everyone in the room! You can see how skinny the room is! My mom is hardly bending over yet her backside is touching the sink! Next to the sink is another small chair and on the side is the bathroom {airplane style bathroom}.

Caydin enjoyed the pull out table. You can't see it, but there is a sign on the table that says "Do not sit or lean against table". OOPS! It didn't mention anything about climbing on... so I guess we were ok! Getting Caydin to take a nap was HARD {not the capital letters}. He is sooo used to his pack and play or his bed that napping on mom or grandma's lap was nearly impossible! By the time we got him to nap, it was almost time to wake him up to go to dinner! Luckily, granny decided to wash her hands at the sink and sprayed him with water... that woke him up!!!
...looking soooo sweet and innocent!!!!

Here is Caydin checking out the top bunk. It was soooo tiny that not even Caydin could stand up straight! He tried many, I mean MANY, times to stand up but couldn't! His poor little head!

We ate dinner {dinner was steaK!!!!} and breakfast {bagels, muffins, cereal} on the train plus a snack of fruit and crackers. They had a lounge car for movie watching but we didn't go. Maybe next time??
I now tell people that I probably would not take a 1 year old {at least, not an active walking 1 year old} on the autotrain again. There were a TON of families on there though! It worked out much better than driving in the car and we did get a couple hours of sleep! I think Caydin will do much much better when he is alittle older!

These photos were taken at the autotrain playground in Lorton! How cute!