Thursday, June 30, 2011

Playdate with Carter

A few days before we left for the beach (6-20), we were excited to have our good friend's son Carter over at our house for the afternoon and evening.  He is about 10 months older than Caydin so the boys get along great! Both are very interested in cars, trucks, and trains so they stayed busy all afternoon.  Once Rob got home, we took the boys to Grandma's house for a swim in the pool.  We played with the bikes and basketball hoop outside then got ready for dinner! We ordered pizza and wings for dinner.  After a bath, both boys got cozy in bed to watch a movie. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

More beach fun! {Day 2 and 3}

Each day, we headed down to the beach slowly after breakfast and stayed down there until lunch time!  Caydin played and played and played until he was exhausted.  He napped sooooo well at the beach!  Here is a little glimpse into our days at the beach!
 Snack time in the chair Oma got Caydin.
 Running out into the water!
 Running back to shore with Mommy!
 Getting water for sand castles - he took this job very seriously!
 Building sandcastles with Daddy.
 Digging in the sand.
And running, running, running!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Long weekend with Oma and Opa

Yesterday, we left Orlando and headed to the beach.  Caydin was beyond excited to go to the ocean.  Potty Training is going great - even at the beach.  We had been driving about 10 minutes before Caydin announced he had to go potty. Great...  Luckily, we were stopping at Grandma's house so we made a mad dash into the bathroom only for Caydin to not have to go! Grr! He did great on the car ride - we love travelling on a weekend - so many more trucks to see and talk about.  He didn't stop talking the entire drive.  Wow, this kid can talk.  I think he even bored himself because this is what he did while singing!
 We were lucky enough to get Caydin to take a nap before heading outside to swim and play.   Boy did he run and run and run.   He loved running in and out of the water.  He really enjoyed jumping over the little waves and getting his daddy to help him jump over the bigger waves.   

 Caydin also enjoyed the sand.  He hasn't touched his sandbuckets yet, only his shovels, and toy trucks.  He thought it was pretty funny to throw his shovels in the waves and watch where they went then chase after them.

Day 2 coming soon!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to Rob! Caydin loves his daddy very much and is always ready for a wrestling match when Daddy comes home from work.  :)

Happy Father's Day to my dad!  We love him even though he has never changed one of Caydin's diapers!  Caydin thinks his grandpa lives on an airplane and asks daily if grandpa is coming to see him. :)

Happy Father's Day to Bud! Caydin is so excited to spend a few days with him at the beach very soon.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The many faces of a Caydin Monster :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

501 posts!

Yesterday's potty training blog was post number 500! I guess I was so excited about bathroom talk that I forgot to mention that!

Our AC broke yesterday during a storm.  It's pretty warm in our house, unless you're sitting under a fan (which needs to be moving at full blast!) We've had a couple people come out to look at it today and hopefully, it will be fixed soon.  Rob is weighing the pros and cons of just fixing the broken part or getting a new machine. 

I've been doing potty runs and looking for ways to entertain Caydin.

We like sitting at our big outdoor table and playing cars/trucks.
 We found an ABC puzzle to be pretty interesting today.
And my favorite - fingerpainting... without the fingers.  Caydin much prefers a paintbrush to using his fingers.  Here, he's making a "rainbow."
It's been a good day so far!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Potty Training Day 3 and 4!

Potty training is going very well!

I've found that Caydin does something different in the bathroom each day!

On Sunday, I was soooo sure that Caydin had no bladder control - why would he... you don't need one for diapers!

On Monday, we saw alittle bit of light at the end of the tunnel since he finally used it a few {as in 3 - I was still cleaning up the floor A LOT!} times but I was still sure he had no bladder control since he never could tell me when he needed to go or give me any warning.

On Tuesday, Caydin had a magical bladder!  He would hold everything in for hours and hours! In the morning, he hold it all in for 3 hours.  Poor thing, I made him sit on the potty almost all morning because I was SURE he had to go.  He had trouble figuring out if he actually had to go or not.  He would sit on the potty and tell his peepee to come out.  So cute, in a gross sorta way!  He didn't have an accident all day though so we headed to Target for a new toy! GO CAYDIN! 
**Funny story: At bathtime, Caydin was having trouble figuring out if he had to peepee or not.  I eventually told him that he would take a bath and to tell us if he had to go.  I also told him not to "go" in the water.  Well, that stinker actually shot his peepee out of tub, so it didn't go in the water, onto the tile floor.  Rob was pretty amazed.  I was too.

Today (Wednesday), we attempted to go out a few times.  I have a really hard time staying home all day! You'd think our house would be spotless but its actually more a mess now than it is when I'm working!  I'm that lazy! :) He had 1 accident at both places we went today.  He also wet the bed for the first time during naptime.  His new thing today has been grabbing at himself ALL DAY LONG.  Usually, I use that sign as well as him pacing around on his tiptoes as the sign for he needs to go now! But he did it all evening long!  So I took him to the bathroom all evening long!  While at a friends this evening, he used the bathroom 4 times in a 2 hour period AND had 1 accident!  Geez!  I am so proud of him though because he didn't have any problems going once on the potty today and I didn't feel like I spent 3/4 of the day in the bathroom for the first time in a few days! :)

We haven't used a diaper since Saturday (besides his nighttime diaper at bedtime) and I'm pretty proud of us for sticking with it.  Caydin was so sweet today when he brought his extra diapers (note - size 5!) to baby Arwen.  He understands that big boys and girls where underwear and babies wear diapers and he was determined to give his extras to Arwen!  I'm curious to see what potty training adventures we come across tomorrow!

And now for pictures!
 Daddy gave Caydin a new truck the first time he went on the potty!  Caydin was soo soo soo excited! 
Happy Big Boy!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dear Potty Training Fairies......

****UPDATE: While finishing up the text for the pictures, Caydin told me he had to poop and started grabbing himself.  I asked him if he had to go potty and he said yes but by the time we got there, his underwear was alittle wet and he only had about 2 drips left for the potty.  We of course praised him and not even 1 minute later, he was saying he had to go again. SUCCESS! Caydin had no clue what was going on or why we were so excited for him.  All he knew was that he was getting a toy because he finally used the potty!  He then told me he had to go and used the potty 2 times after that.  So proud of him!  

He had one more accident before taking a bath.  Hoping tomorrow is even more successful than today! ****


Please grant me the patience to get this kid potty trained!!!!!
He seems like he is going to be the kind of kid of potty trains late, though I've read that the average age for boys to potty train fully is 3.5 years.  So, maybe, there is some hope left for us. 
We started yesterday morning with underwear and sitting on the potty and Caydin is doing great with it (big success since a few months ago, he refused to even go near the bathroom without a diaper on). 
We've tried every kind of bribery you can think of but so far, nothing is great enough for him to actually GO on the potty. 
Yesterday {day 1} we washed 8 pairs of underwear and didn't have any luck on the potty.
Today {day 2} we will probably wash just as many pairs and so far have only had a few drips in the potty.
Pretty frustrating I think.  I decided not to do any diapers during naptime and he didn't have an accident yesterday or today while sleeping. 
More updates, hopefully better updates soon!

Caydin has a thing for tennis shoes and socks.  So much so that he thinks its funny to wear socks on his hands.
 Also, Caydin discovered the paint program on the computer. LOVES it. (But not enough to take a picture with his artwork!)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekend Recap!

We had our version of a "boring" weekend, which just means that we didn't have anything big planned! Woohoo!
On Saturday, I took Caydin to his gymboree class then we played outside.  Caydin played with his bikes and balls and I picked weeds.  Let me just say that WE HAVE A TON OF WEEDS!  Mainly because we have a ton of rocks, bricks, tiles, and plants.  Drives me crazy. 

 Caydin told me that the sun was too bright so I was finally able to get his sunglasses on him --- like the first time he has put sunglasses on in 6 months!  He's so strange - he hates hates hates flipflops and sunglasses...  Doesn't the kid know we live in FLORIDA?!?!
 Saturday night, Rob and I had a special night out on the town while Caydin got to spend some special time with Grandma.  We headed to Cirque de Soleil and saw La Nouba! SOOOOO good! Rob did a great job picking out my birthday gift this year!  We got a quick bite to eat after the show before we headed home!

Rob went to work Sunday morning so Caydin and I spent some time cleaning.  Caydin and I did the dishes then we did some mopping on the kitchen floor. 

 Nap time was interesting... as Caydin didn't really want to take one as first! Urgh!
 On Sunday, Rob did some yard work (I think) so Caydin was watching through the window.... you know, while he was ON the window! He was very proud of himself and announced that he was "up high".  I promptly took him off the window and moved the train away..... after I took a picture!
 Finally -- train time!! Caydin wanted to play trains before his nap but I had to tell him that it would have to wait until after naptime.  He wasn't so happy about it but took a nap anyways.  The second I woke him up and said "hello", he said "mommy, do trains now?" and ran to the computer-soon-to-be-guest-room to set the train tracks up! He doesn't forget anything!
 Caydin stayed busy while I worked on report cards.  2 juice cups & lots of cars = happy boy!
 THANK GOODNESS for Tee-tee.  She had to read about 15 books to Caydin before bedtime (and I got time to clean the kitchen - again!)