Saturday, September 5, 2015

Summer is flying by!!!

I just can't keep up!  Summer has us busy busy busy! (Which is a good thing because I can't let these kiddos stay bored for long.... They tend to find trouble! )

We have had lots of fun this summer! Mornings were spent getting up early and heading to swim practice.  Both boys did amazing! Caydin finished at an advanced level 3. Wyatt at a level 2 (he doesn't like to use his arms during his backstroke!)

 We rode the sunrail train, just for fun!

We (well Wyatt) took afternoon naps and woke up with crazy hair... a lot!
Last day of swim lessons, Caydin got to jump off the lifeguard stand!
We all got sad about Caydin's upcoming 7th birthday! Really, I think I'm the only one sad. Caydin is over the moon excited! He promises to still be my baby and hold my hand when we are walking.
He really learned a lot this summer! He went from not swimming to diving in a few short weeks!

We got Caydin's birthday button and went to Animal Kingdom yesterday. Caydin loved all the (one day early) birthday wishes!

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